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Florida’s poison control centers’ subject matter experts are often featured in the news about emerging poisoning hazards or cases of poisoning in the community. Our poison control centers welcome every opportunity to reach the public through digital, written or visual media, as well as in-person educational opportunities like health fairs, presentations or speaking engagements.

While these articles provide helpful information, remember: in a poisoning emergency, call the experts at 1-800-222-1222, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are fast, free and confidential. Save the number in your phone for quick access.


DEA has seized over 55 million fentanyl pills in 2023 so far, Garland says (CBS News) Sep 26, 2023

DOH-Lee cautions about blue-green algae blooms (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander, Current) Sep 26, 2023

Chris Pratt’s Marvel diet — drinking over 100 glasses of water a day — is a recipe for water poisoning in most people, a doctor warns (Insider) Sep 25, 2023

300% increase in ADHD medication user error, Central Florida expert weighs in (WMFE - FM - Orlando, FL) Sep 25, 2023

FDA warns about ice cream recall due to risk of listeria (WPLG - TV - Miami, FL) Sep 25, 2023

Florida Just Banned ‘Gas Station Heroin’ (Vice News) Sep 25, 2023

Think Twice Before Planting Eucalyptus In Your Yard If You Have Pets (House Digest) Sep 25, 2023

Online Marijuana Shops Make It Easy for Minors to Buy, Study Finds (New York Times) Sep 25, 2023

WATCH: Attorney General Ashley Moody Outlaws Gas Station Heroin ‘Tianeptine’ (Space Coast Daily) Sep 24, 2023

What Happens If You Accidentally Ingest Cat Litter? (Health Digest) Sep 23, 2023

Recall alert: Ice cream products recalled in around 40 states due to possible listeria contamination (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL) Sep 23, 2023

Infant’s monthlong hospitalization prompts national toy recall (WCAX - TV) Sep 23, 2023

Over 1,700 Illegal Hemp, THC-O, Mushroom Products From Florida Business ( Sep 23, 2023

Nearly half of American parents give their children melatonin to sleep — despite expert warnings (New York Post) Sep 22, 2023

Fentanyl: the new face of the opioid epidemic (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Sep 22, 2023

New Regulation Introduced to Increase Safety for Children with Button Batteries ( Sep 22, 2023

H&M recalls men’s accessory over lead poisoning risk. Here’s what to know (Miami Herald) Sep 21, 2023

Florida outlaws dietary supplement known as ‘gas station heroin’ (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Sep 21, 2023

Doctor shares advice on how to prevent food poisoning (CNN) Sep 21, 2023

‘It will eat your skin away:’ xylazine, or tranq, continues to cause overdose deaths in area (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Sep 20, 2023

Defrosting chicken like this could poison you: 3 safe methods revealed (New York Post) Sep 20, 2023

Video, frantic 911 call capture moments after Amazon delivery driver bitten by highly venomous rattlesnake in Florida (CBS News) Sep 20, 2023

Florida Amazon delivery driver in serious condition after bite from a rattlesnake (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Sep 20, 2023

Amazon driver attacked by rattlesnake may have saved her own life by remaining calm (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Sep 20, 2023

Deadly Snake Bites Amazon Driver Delivering Package (Newsweek) Sep 19, 2023

Over 58K pounds of raw ground beef recalled in multiple states (ABC News) Sep 18, 2023

Weight loss supplements could contain toxic ingredient, CDC finds (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL) Sep 18, 2023

Social Media and Academic Anxieties Are Crushing Our Kids (U.S. News and World Report) Sep 18, 2023

ADHD Drug Errors Among Kids Have Quadrupled in 20 Years (U.S. News and World Report) Sep 18, 2023

Tell-Tale Signs These Foods Aren’t Safe To Eat (Health Digest) Sep 18, 2023

Increased rates of child nicotine poisoning ( Sep 18, 2023

Study: Poison center calls for ADHD medication errors increased almost 300% from 2001-2021 (American Academy of Pediatrics) Sep 18, 2023

‘You know it as soon as you get hit’: What you need to know about Saddleback Caterpillars (WSET - TV) Sep 14, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Bode Miller recounts the terrifying moment his kids started ‘passing out and turning WHITE’ after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from a CRANE outside their home – as he admits he had NO IDEA they were ever in danger (Daily Mail) Sep 14, 2023

Recalled: Water bead product that killed one infant and injured another (FOX Business) Sep 14, 2023

Two purported weight loss supplements may contain a hidden, poisonous ingredient (NBC News) Sep 14, 2023

‘Sea lice’ stirs up on Florida beaches as Hurricane Lee passes by (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Sep 14, 2023

‘Water beads’ toy sold at Target recalled after infant death (WRAL - TV) Sep 14, 2023

10 students at Massachusetts middle school sickened by ‘One Chip Challenge’ (WCVB - TV) Sep 14, 2023

What are Florida’s poisonous plants? Expert botanist tells you what to watch out for in Q&A (News-Press) Sep 14, 2023

Fentanyl plus stimulants drives ‘fourth wave’ of overdose epidemic in the U.S. (NBC News) Sep 14, 2023

Alcohol poisoning kills: Know the signs (The Temple News) Sep 14, 2023

The stark U.S. divide in xylazine use (Axios) Sep 14, 2023

Fentanyl mixed with cocaine or meth is driving the ‘4th wave’ of the overdose crisis (NPR) Sep 14, 2023

Xylazine Has Spread to Every Region of the Country, Millennium Health Signals Report™ Shows (Businesswire) Sep 14, 2023

The most dangerous social media food challenges ( Sep 14, 2023

Overdose deaths from fentanyl combined with stimulants increased 50-fold since 2010 (ABC News) Sep 14, 2023

Beware of accidental acetaminophen overdose (The Centre County Gazette) Sep 14, 2023

Man dies from rare infection after eating raw oysters (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Sep 13, 2023

Overdose deaths continue to rise in the US, reaching another record level, provisional data shows (CNN) Sep 13, 2023

Pesky ‘sea lice’ strikes Florida beaches as Hurricane Lee churns waters (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Sep 13, 2023

FDA issues warning letters to CVS, Walgreens, other companies over unapproved eye products (ABC News) Sep 13, 2023

Costco recalls tortilla soup (WBAY - TV) Sep 13, 2023

Opioids are killing more Black men — largely due to the spread of fentanyl (NPR) Sep 13, 2023

‘It’s like smoking poison’: Sierra Leone’s youth battle addiction to a mystery drug (The Guardian) Sep 13, 2023

How deeply did prescription opioid pills flood your county? See here. (Washington Post) Sep 12, 2023

Overdoses soared even as prescription pain pills plunged (Washington Post) Sep 12, 2023

State poison control specialist warns Village Council about dangers of accidental poisoning ( Sep 12, 2023

Prescription opioid shipments declined sharply even as fatal overdoses increased, new data shows (AP) Sep 12, 2023

Suffolk County hospitals see increased accidental pediatric pot consumption (TBR News) Sep 12, 2023

U.S. drug overdose deaths more than quadrupled from 1999 to 2020 ( Sep 12, 2023

Puppy given overdose-reversing drug after possible fentanyl exposure in California (KNSD - TV) Sep 11, 2023

Recall alert: Children’s anti-cavity rinse recalled because it may be contaminated (WGAU - FM) Sep 11, 2023

Santa Cruz hotel guests suffer carbon monoxide poisoning in leak (Santa Cruz Sentinel) Sep 11, 2023

Are Hydrangeas Safe To Have In Your Garden If You Have Pets And Kids? (House Digest) Sep 11, 2023

The Blood Pressure Medication Mistake That Could Lead To Death (Health Digest) Sep 10, 2023

Blue-Green Algae Dangers: Ensuring Your Dog Can Safely Swim in Water (The Dog's Life) Sep 10, 2023

Spicy tortilla chip challenge blamed for San Francisco boy’s ‘poisoning’ (CBS News) Sep 8, 2023

16 common plants and flowers safe for cats ( Sep 8, 2023

Customs and Border Protection reveals secret “ground zero” in its fight against fentanyl (CBS News) Sep 7, 2023

Paqui spicy chip pulled from shelves after teen who took part in ‘One Chip Challenge’ dies (New York Post) Sep 7, 2023

Vicks VapoRub is toxic to consume and should not be used for teeth whitening (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Sep 7, 2023

Boynton Beach father concerned after daughter brings ‘one chip challenge’ to school (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Sep 6, 2023

South Florida school districts working to educate students, parents about dangers of fentanyl (WFOR - TV - Miami, FL) Sep 6, 2023


Death rates for people under 40 have skyrocketed. Blame fentanyl (Florida Phoenix) Sep 6, 2023

Poison centers calls reach all-time high concerning kids exposed to e-cigs, liquid nicotine (KIAH-TV) Sep 6, 2023

Increase in fake prescription pills fuels record drug overdose deaths in the US (The Guardian) Sep 6, 2023

Buyer Beware: Delta-8 is the ‘Russian Roulette’ of Cannabis (Web MD) Sep 6, 2023

Florida Department Of Health Issues Algae Bloom Alert For Little Half Moon Lake ( Sep 6, 2023

The ‘One Chip Challenge’ Is Back in the News Following a Teen’s Tragic Death—Here’s What To Know (Parade) Sep 5, 2023

Don’t eat these mushrooms! Ohio medical community sees influx of sick people (WOIO - TV) Sep 5, 2023

What Causes Food Poisoning? ( Sep 5, 2023

ADHD drug shortage stresses families during back-to-school season (CNN) Sep 4, 2023

Toss That Leftover Rice if You Don’t Want to Risk Food Poisoning (CNET) Sep 4, 2023

Recall alert: Dog food being recalled over Salmonella concerns (KIRO - TV) Sep 4, 2023

Marijuana Edibles Are Sending Kids to the ER: Here’s Tips to Keep Them Safe (U.S. News and World Report) Sep 4, 2023

Mass. teen dies after participating in ‘One Chip Challenge,’ police say (WCVB - TV) Sep 4, 2023

Conagra Brands recalls over 245K pounds of Banquet frozen chicken strips meals after plastic contamination ( Sep 4, 2023

Navigating DIY Accidents: Immediate Steps and Precautions ( Sep 4, 2023

Beware of an accidental acetaminophen overdose ( Sep 2, 2023

Frigidaire gas stoves recalled because cooktop knobs may cause risk of gas leak, fires (USA Today) Sep 1, 2023


Eye drop recalls in 2023: What to know about the artificial tears recalls (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Aug 31, 2023

After Hurricane Idalia: Safe cleanup, emergency prescription refills, avoiding mold and more (Tallahassee Democrat) Aug 31, 2023

Trader Joe’s issues its sixth recall in two months (CNN) Aug 31, 2023

Snake Emerges From Florida Floods: ‘Do Not Wade in the Water’ (Newsweek) Aug 30, 2023

Opioid overdose antidote Narcan will be widely available over the counter next week (NBC News) Aug 30, 2023

Hurricane floodwater can be dangerous. Here’s why you should stay out of it. (Tampa Bay Times) Aug 30, 2023

Florida woman recovering from stingray attack shares experience after close call (ABC News) Aug 29, 2023

Health Officials issue blue-green algae bloom alert for Lake George ( Aug 29, 2023

1 dead, 2 injured after potential exposure to poisonous gas on the job in Putnam County (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Aug 28, 2023

How the rise in cannabis use is affecting dogs and children (Desert News) Aug 28, 2023

Small bite of marijuana edible can sicken a child (UPI.COM) Aug 28, 2023

THE DANGERS OF CAFFEINE (University of Utah) Aug 28, 2023

‘Zombie drug’ tranq leaves illegal narcotics more potent — while making it even harder for opioid addicts to quit, doctors say (New York Post) Aug 28, 2023

Former star swimmer Jamie Cail’s cause of death revealed as fentanyl overdose (New York Post) Aug 27, 2023

Frozen vegetables sold at Food Lion and Kroger are being recalled (CNN) Aug 25, 2023

Venomous stingray impales Apollo Beach woman wading in water: ‘I was certain I was going to die’ (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Aug 25, 2023

2 more eye drop products recalled after being linked to potentially deadly bacteria (USA Today) Aug 25, 2023

ER testing gap leaves people in the dark on horse tranquilizer (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Aug 24, 2023

Frozen corn recall: Kroger, Food Lion, Signature Select vegetables recalled for listeria risk (USA Today) Aug 24, 2023

Trader Joe’s recalls multigrain crackers for possible metal contamination (Fox Business) Aug 23, 2023

Northwest Florida officials talk substance abuse, getting fentanyl off the streets (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL) Aug 23, 2023

Yellow-legged hornets show up in US. 9 things you should know as Florida keeps watch (Herald-Tribune) Aug 23, 2023

Airline passenger who helped save man from fentanyl overdose calls for planes to be equipped with Narcan (FOX News) Aug 23, 2023

Overdoses are on the Rise, Opioid Drugs are Primarily to Blame ( Aug 23, 2023

Sniff-Tests Won’t Save You From Food Poisoning. An Expert Explains Why. ( Aug 23, 2023

Doctors sound alarm about child nicotine poisoning as vapes flood the US Market (Times-Tribune) Aug 23, 2023

Outdoor barbecuing habits that increase the risk of food poisoning ( Aug 23, 2023

Fentanyl crisis ‘not going away,’ say organizers of Space Coast conference (Florida Today) Aug 22, 2023

Hero FedEx driver kills rattlesnake on woman’s porch: ‘I hope you didn’t have a pet’ (New York Post) Aug 22, 2023

DOH-Lee lifts blue-green algae bloom alerts (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander & Current) Aug 22, 2023

Trader Joe’s recalls vegan crackers because they could contain metal (CBS News) Aug 21, 2023

Alembic, Aurobindo recall drugs in US market ( Aug 21, 2023

Deputy recovers after fentanyl exposure during inmate search at Hillsborough County jail (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Aug 21, 2023

5 recalls in 4 weeks: All the things from Trader Joe’s you should toss ( Aug 21, 2023

Should you really pee on a jellyfish sting? ( Aug 21, 2023

Deadly mushrooms and friendly fungi ( Aug 21, 2023

Florida sues a Tallahassee business over hallucinogenic mushroom information (WMNF - FM - Tampa, FL) Aug 21, 2023

Marijuana and hallucinogen use, binge drinking reached record highs in middle-aged adults, survey finds (CNN) Aug 18, 2023

FDA Warns Consumers About Toxic Yellow Oleander Purported to be Nuez de la India in Certain Botanical Weight Loss Products ( Aug 18, 2023

Palm Beach County nurse shares concerns about opioid-like drug ‘Zaza’ after nearly losing friend (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Aug 17, 2023

Invasive yellow-legged hornet spotted in U.S. for first time (CBS News) Aug 15, 2023

Thousands of carbon monoxide alarms ‘that don’t work properly’ have been sold online (Mirror) Aug 11, 2023

Ice cream recalled in nearly 20 states for Listeria contamination ( Aug 10, 2023

St. Vincent’s showers mothers with information, support, supplies (Clay Today) Aug 10, 2023

Death cap mushrooms: why are they so toxic and how can poisoning be treated? (The Guardian) Aug 10, 2023

What happens if your pet eats a THC edible or marijuana plant? A vet toxicologist explains (KARE - TV) Aug 10, 2023

Blue-green algae at Indiantown boat ramp 100 times more toxic than what’s considered safe (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Aug 9, 2023

Check your fridge! Organic kiwi recalled in 14 states may be contaminated with deadly listeria. (USA Today) Aug 9, 2023

Kiwis recalled in Florida and 13 other states might have a deadly foodborne illness (Miami Herald) Aug 9, 2023

Fast, cheap and deadly (Reuters) Aug 9, 2023

Beware of this colorful flower growing in Florida – it could kill you (Islander) Aug 9, 2023

Cane Toad Terminator: Florida Man Turns Amphibian Vigilante to Save the Day ( Aug 9, 2023

‘Natural’ supplement for infertility caused woman’s lead poisoning, Canada doctors say (Miami Herald) Aug 8, 2023

More Kids Are Being Exposed to Toxic E-Cigarette Nicotine (The New York Times) Aug 8, 2023

Toxic weeds (Nursery Management) Aug 8, 2023

DOH health alert: Avoid toxic algae coating Timer Powers Park boat ramp in Indiantown (TC Palm) Aug 8, 2023

State drug director warns Arkansans of drug “up to 20 times” more potent than fentanyl (KATV - TV) Aug 8, 2023

Kroger Is Recalling Frozen Fruit Across Multiple States—Here’s What You Need to Know (Parade Magazine) Aug 8, 2023

DOH-Lee cautions about blue-green algae blooms (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander & Current) Aug 8, 2023

What pharmacists need to know as pediatric melatonin overdoses surge ( Aug 7, 2023

How Can Over-the-Counter Naloxone Prevent Opioid Overdose Deaths? ( Aug 7, 2023

FDA: Frito-Lay Recalls 2 Sizes Of Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla Chips (Forbes) Aug 6, 2023

Doctors sound alarm about child nicotine poisoning as vapes flood the market (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Aug 5, 2023

HELP! My pet’s been poisoned! ( Aug 5, 2023


South Fort Myers woman on crusade to rid area of bufo/cane toads (News-Press - Fort Meyers, FL) Aug 4, 2023

FDA Approves Second OTC Naloxone Spray for Suspected Opioid Overdose (Physician's Weekly) Aug 4, 2023

Why is delta 8 bad for you? ( Aug 4, 2023

Health advisory issued for 3 Hillsborough County beaches due to high bacteria levels (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Aug 3, 2023

Be cautious: Household items can poison pets (Citrus County Chronicle) Aug 3, 2023

Avoid an unintentional overdose (Family Safety & Health) Aug 3, 2023

Opioid Use and Suicide Death (Psychology Today) Aug 3, 2023

Man shoots over 100 toxic toads in Lutz community (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Aug 2, 2023

Black market vaping products could be laced with fentanyl, experts warn (WOGX TV - Gainesville, FL) Aug 2, 2023

Pensacola medical district ranks No. 1 in Florida opioid deaths; double state average (Pensacola News Journal) Aug 2, 2023

Morgan Miller Thanks Fans, Doctors for ‘Well Wishes’ for Her Three Kids After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (People) Aug 1, 2023

Health & Harmony: Awareness can prevent ocean stings, and lifeguards can treat them ( Aug 1, 2023

How to avoid summertime food poisoning: Dr. Nina Radcliff (The Press of Atlantic City) Aug 1, 2023

Child nicotine poisonings rise as e-cig sales surge (NBC News) Aug 1, 2023

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Boating ( Aug 1, 2023

DOH-Lee cautions about blue-green algae blooms (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander & Current) Aug 1, 2023

Wildlife officials suspect toxins, including harmful Blue-Green Algae toxins, to be the cause of fatal panther disease (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, Florida) Aug 1, 2023


Gruesome Photos Reveal Horrors of ‘Zombie’ Drug Fentanyl Additive (Newsweek) Jul 31, 2023

Generator safety to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning (KOAM-TV) Jul 31, 2023

Health Alert: Toxic blue-green algae found in Lake Jesup (WFTV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 31, 2023

Can you spot the three copperhead snakes that seemingly disappeared? ( Jul 31, 2023

Opioids and cocaine are a deadly combination – and ‘polydrug’ deaths are rising (The Conversation) Jul 31, 2023

Flesh-rotting tranq infects cocaine supply, takes aim at new, unsuspecting victims (New York Post) Jul 31, 2023

Alcohol-Related Deaths Are Rising Among Women (New York Times) Jul 31, 2023

Tracking blue-green algae blooms to combat toxic bacteria (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers) Jul 31, 2023

Family of Florida mom who died from herbal substance kratom wins $11M suit (New York Post) Jul 30, 2023

Lee County cautions public on blue-green algae blooms (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 30, 2023

Nearly 70,000 Delta-8 products with kid friendly packaging removed from shelves statewide (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 28, 2023

Community groups, medical experts work to combat emerging ‘tranq’ drug crisis (ABC News) Jul 28, 2023

Family of Florida mom who died from herbal substance kratom wins $11M suit (Miami Herald) Jul 28, 2023

FDA approves first opioid reversal drug from a nonprofit company (The Hill) Jul 28, 2023

Health Department warns blue-green algae spreading in Doctors Lake (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 28, 2023

Check Your Freezer: The USDA Just Recalled Over 50 Frozen Meat Products (Southern Living) Jul 28, 2023

Water Quality Report: Video shows blue-green algae outbreak on Lake O (WGCU - FM) Jul 27, 2023

LOCAL NEWS “Fentanyl is America’s new ‘F’ word,” says family who’s raising awareness (CBS News) Jul 27, 2023

Here’s how to spot and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in wake of Marines’ tragic death ( Jul 27, 2023

Trader Joe’s recall for bugs in broccoli cheddar soup (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Jul 27, 2023

With Marijuana’s Legalization, Cannabis Poisonings Are on the Rise (US News and World Report) Jul 27, 2023

Fentanyl is spreading the opioid crisis into America’s big cities ( Jul 27, 2023

Cannabis poisoning cases quadruple in children after legalisation ( Jul 27, 2023

Bode Miller Urging Parents To Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors After Sons’ Poisoning ( Jul 27, 2023

Borax Tik Tok trend is not safe, Poison Control says (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 26, 2023

Carbon monoxide poisoning at Ocala business sends seven people to hospital (Ocala StarBanner) Jul 26, 2023

Wasp Stings: Reaction, Symptoms And Treatments ( Jul 26, 2023

‘Operation Kandy Krush’ finds illegal hemp products aimed at kids (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Jul 26, 2023

Toxic blue-green algae on the rise: What you and your pet need to know to stay safe (Philadelphia Inquirer)  Jul 26, 2023

The Most Snake Infested Lakes In Florida ( Jul 26, 2023

There’s A Deadly Plant Growing In Florida Yards That Looks Like A Harmless Flower ( Jul 26, 2023

‘Operation Kandy Krush:’ Florida sweep finds 68K packages of hemp extract products aimed at kids (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL) Jul 25, 2023

Experts warn that borax cleaning powder isn’t safe to ingest, as social media posts claim (AP) Jul 25, 2023

What you need to know about copperhead snake bites (National Geographic) Jul 25, 2023

From Philadelphia to California, officials on alert over xylazine threat ( Jul 25, 2023

Drinking borax is the latest dangerous trend on TikTok (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Jul 25, 2023

Snakebites spike during hot weather, study says ( Jul 24, 2023

Suicide lifeline calls up 250 percent, Northeast Florida director says (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 24, 2023

Cane Toad Season in Parkland; A Resident’s Guide to Dealing With Cane Toads ( Jul 24, 2023

Delta-8 edibles disguised as snack foods: keep out of reach of children (KOTA - TV) Jul 24, 2023

Toxic blue-green algae detected in Stick Marsh North ( Jul 24, 2023

Storage, sweat, sunburn: Florida Poison Control shares how to manage heat and medication (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 23, 2023

Drinking borax is the latest TikTok trend medical authorities working feverishly to debunk (NBC News) Jul 22, 2023

Martin County Health Officials Issue Blue-Green Algae Bloom ALERT for Areas in Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) Jul 21, 2023

Alert issued for blue-green algae bloom at Doctors Lake (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 21, 2023

Beware of deadly cane toads in SWFL (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 21, 2023

Treasure Coast health and law enforcement officials offering free Narcan kits in all 3 counties (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jul 21, 2023

‘The deadliest threat America’s ever faced’: Mass-produced in China, trafficked from Puerto Rico and available online for just $1 a KILO — why the flesh-rotting zombie drug ‘tranq’ has the DEA terrified (The Daily Mail) Jul 21, 2023

What’s This New Borax TikTok Trend? Here Are The Dangers (Forbes) Jul 20, 2023

Mosquito control in Southwest Florida following malaria cases (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 20, 2023

Hundreds of thousands of “improperly manufactured” children’s cups recalled over unsafe lead levels (CBS News) Jul 20, 2023

West Virginia Poison Center provides safety tips (WTAP - TV) Jul 20, 2023

Gas furnaces produce toxic emissions like gas stoves, but they’re usually better ventilated (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 20, 2023

Health Officials Caution About Blue-Green Algae Bloom at Doctors Lake-Pace Island Dock ( Jul 20, 2023

‘It’s intentionally made to look for kids’: Doctors warn about dangers of ingesting edibles (WMBF - TV) Jul 20, 2023

Minute by minute, what happens to the body when you take ‘tranq’ — the zombie drug flooding our streets that turns users into human statues (Daily Mail) Jul 20, 2023

The best houseplants to buy if you have pets (The Washington Post) Jul 20, 2023

Toxic blue-green algae bloom spreads to Cape Coral; testing equipment being placed (News-Press) Jul 20, 2023

12-year-old girl saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning (ABC News) Jul 20, 2023

People are consuming 20 Mule Team Borax in new TikTok trend that experts are calling ‘patently dangerous’ ( Jul 19, 2023

Port St. Lucie police seize $300,000 worth of fentanyl, some cocaine in big drug bust (TC Palm) Jul 19, 2023

Opioids mixed with cocaine or psychostimulants are driving more overdose deaths, CDC data show (CNN) Jul 19, 2023

Rising number of overdose deaths involve mix of opioids with cocaine, meth (The Washington Post) Jul 19, 2023

Household items that can poison pets (Citrus County Chronicle) Jul 19, 2023

DOH-Lee issues blue-green algae bloom alert (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander & Current)     Jul 19, 2023

Drug overdose deaths involving cocaine and opioids have spiked in last decade, CDC report finds (ABC News) Jul 19, 2023

Recall alert: Cava Foods recalls hummus due to undeclared sesame (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL) Jul 18, 2023

After 5 deaths allegedly linked to carbon monoxide poisoning at Airbnbs, Houston-area man’s family asks for change (KPRC - TV) Jul 18, 2023

Toxic Algal Bloom Covering Florida Lake So Big It Is Visible From Space (Newsweek) Jul 18, 2023

Shocking new video from the streets of Philadelphia (Daily Mail) Jul 18, 2023

New Data Highlights Need to Ramp Up Enforcement Against Vapes Marketed to Kids & Teens (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL) Jul 18, 2023

CDC reports more children are visiting the emergency room related to marijuana use (The Oklahoman) Jul 18, 2023

Risk for lead poisoning increases in summer months (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 18, 2023

Orange County man accused of selling fentanyl disguised as medication (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL) Jul 17, 2023

‘There isn’t a cure or an antidote’: Experts say to keep pets away from blue-green algae (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jul 17, 2023

Dog’s death spurs south Fort Myers woman’s crusade against invading toxic toads (News-Press - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 17, 2023

New UCF study reveals dangers of vaping (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Jul 17, 2023

CDC report: people and animals — dogs, cattle, and wildlife — are getting sick from algae (Florida Today) Jul 17, 2023

Everything To Know About Chocolate Poisoning in Cats—Veterinarians Share How Toxic This Treat Can Be ( Jul 17, 2023

Rady Children’s Hospital seeing an alarming number of children 5 and under with cannabis poisoning (San Diego Union-Tribune) Jul 16, 2023

UofL Health advises how to protect yourself from food poisoning this summer (WLKY - TV) Jul 16, 2023

Signs warn of toxic blue-green algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee marina (Palm Beach Post) Jul 15, 2023

Pool Poisoning? Why Now Is a Good Time to Check Your Pool (KXAS - TV) Jul 15, 2023

Inside the grim reality of the fentanyl plague that runs rampant in NYC and has killed celebs (New York Post) Jul 14, 2023

Poisonous Gas is a Hidden Danger for Travelers ( Jul 14, 2023

About 1,750 Gas-Fired Boilers Recalled Due to Risk of CO Poisoning (Consumer Reports) Jul 14, 2023

ER visits for children sickened from marijuana surged during the pandemic (NBC News) Jul 13, 2023

Pittsburgh children are increasingly being admitted to hospitals after ingesting marijuana: ‘Kids will find it and they will get into it’ (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Jul 13, 2023

Deadly drug cocktail causing Florida users to overdose despite overall decline in drug-related fatalities (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Jul 13, 2023

Florida Department of Health issues warning about blue-green algae blooms (Pine Island News) Jul 13, 2023

Poison Control expert offers advice after mother is arrested, accused of drugging her baby (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 12, 2023

‘It’s not worth it’: Man who lost 2 friends in a week to suspected fentanyl overdoses offers advice, message of hope (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 12, 2023

Hillsborough officials highlight a surge in fentanyl-related arrests (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Jul 12, 2023

Algae Bloom in Lake Okeechobee ( Jul 12, 2023

Whole Foods item recalled nationwide due to undeclared allergen presence (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 12, 2023

Blue-green algae blooms plaguing Lee County waterways (WZVN - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 11, 2023

Deaths from xylazine are on the rise. The White House has a new plan to tackle it (NPR) Jul 11, 2023

White House announces plan to cut ‘tranq dope’ in illicit drug supply (NBC News) Jul 11, 2023

Blue-green algae alert issued for Pioneer Lake (The West Volusia Beacon) Jul 11, 2023

DOH-Lee issues blue-green algae bloom alerts (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander & Current) Jul 11, 2023

Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories: What’s Behind This New TikTok Trend ( Jul 11, 2023

Newest drug to hit the streets makes its way to Northeast Florida nightclubs, bars (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 10, 2023

Over half of America’s beaches are covered in poop and unsafe to swim in: report (New York Post) Jul 10, 2023

The big, smelly seaweed blob headed for Florida has shrunk by 75% (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Jul 10, 2023

Xylazine OD rates a shocking 35 times higher in 2021 compared to 2018: CDC ( Jul 10, 2023

Westchase family says dog recovering after cane toad poisoning (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Jul 10, 2023

Health Alert: What is actually in energy drinks? (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 10, 2023

Senator Chuck Schumer calls for FDA investigation into high caffeine content of Prime Energy drinks (CNN) Jul 10, 2023

Experts give tips on how to keep loved ones safe from carbon monoxide poisoning ( Jul 10, 2023

15 Caterpillars Found in Florida (6 Are Venomous) ( Jul 10, 2023

It’s Toxic Slime Time on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee (New York Times) Jul 9, 2023

US Is ‘Canary in Coal Mine’ on Fentanyl, Blinken Tells New Coalition ( Jul 7, 2023

Delta-8 THC: The Side Effects And Potential Dangers The Drug Poses For Kids (Forbes) Jul 7, 2023

Mexican authorities raid pharmacies in inquiry into fentanyl-tainted pills (LA Times) Jul 7, 2023

Officials issue Blue-green algae bloom alert (Leigh Acres Citizen) Jul 7, 2023

Six million pounds of batters, breaders, seasoning rubs, marinades and more recalled over Salmonella concerns (Food Safety Network) Jul 7, 2023

Health warnings continue as blue-green algae flows down the Caloosahatchee River (WGCU - FM - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 6, 2023

St. Petersburg’s ‘420′ shop promises to get you high. Is it legal? (Tampa Bay Times) Jul 6, 2023

Toxic blue-green algae spreading in Lee County (WZVN - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 5, 2023

Feds crack down on THC edibles ‘nearly identical’ to common snacks (The Hill) Jul 5, 2023

Plant that makes you feel “electrocuted and set on fire at the same time” introduced to U.K. “Poison Garden” (CBS News) Jul 5, 2023

Algae bloom covering half of Lake Okeechobee poses threat to SWFL waters (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 5, 2023

Sheriff: More than $370K worth of drugs, 1 million potential lethal doses of fentanyl seized in trafficking operations (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 5, 2023

200+ jellyfish stings at Florida beach (WOFL - TV - Orlando, FL) Jul 5, 2023

Nearly 77,000 pounds of mini corn dogs recalled for possible spoilage (WBZ - TV) Jul 4, 2023

Flesh-rotting ‘zombie drug’ tranq takes over: Addicts reeling as most street narcotics now feature sedative that sparks psychosis (New York Post) Jul 4, 2023

Blue-green algae blooms reported (Cape Coral Breeze) Jul 3, 2023

What Does A Spider Bite Look Like? These Photos Can Help You Identify Different Types (Women's Health) Jul 1, 2023


Soaring Misuse of Horse Tranquilizer Xylazine Is Worsening Opioid Crisis (U.S. News and World Report) Jun 30, 2023

Overdose deaths involving street xylazine surged years earlier than reported (WJCT - FM) Jun 30, 2023

Some of Florida’s most dangerous insects are deadly, some are just really inconvenient (Palm Beach Post) Jun 30, 2023

DOH Martin County issues toxic algae health alert for Rim Canal near Lake Okeechobee ( Jun 30, 2023

I was hooked on the flesh-rotting ‘zombie drug’ — I cut my skin to ease the pain (New York Post) Jun 29, 2023

CDC: Overdose deaths from xylazine-laced fentanyl rapidly increasing (The Hill) Jun 29, 2023

Xylazine present in more than 1 in 10 fentanyl overdose deaths in the US (CNN) Jun 29, 2023

Overdose deaths from fentanyl combined with xylazine surge in some states, CDC reports (CBS News) Jun 29, 2023

Urgent warning for dog owners after pet’s near-death ‘poisoning’ at popular lake ( Jun 29, 2023

Fentanyl testing strips now legal in Florida after being classified as ‘drug paraphernalia’ (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 29, 2023

Blue-green algae bloom moves into Cape Coral canals (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 29, 2023

Opioids are overrated for some common back pain, a study suggests (NPR) Jun 28, 2023

Opioids are no better than a placebo for back pain: Study (ABC News) Jun 28, 2023

Animal tranquilizer mixed with opioids is an emerging threat to the U.S. (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 28, 2023

Flesh-eating ‘Tranq’ drug leads to 150 ODs, 9 deaths in opioid-ravaged Florida county (New York Post) Jun 28, 2023

Mott’s Applesauce Recalled Due to Elevated Levels of Patulin ( Jun 28, 2023

The opioid crisis is causing grandparents to become caregivers again (WAMU - FM) Jun 28, 2023

A warning about water beads (WSIU - FM) Jun 28, 2023

1 Dead, 6 Injured From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Houston ( Jun 28, 2023

Local 10 News gets inside look at new ‘nightclub narcotic’ sweeping South Florida’s party scene (WPLG - TV - Miami, FL) Jun 27, 2023

Orange County sheriff warns community about drug ‘tranq,’ announces arrests (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Jun 27, 2023

Poison warning: ‘Chocolate’ mulch made from cocoa is dangerous to pets (WRAL - TV) Jun 27, 2023

Dozens of frozen fruit products sold at 6 major retailers recalled by FDA (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Jun 27, 2023

Animal sedative ‘zombie drug’ showing up in Orange County (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL) Jun 27, 2023

CDC & FDA: E-Cigarette Sales Up Nearly 50%, Calls to Poison Control Up 100% (Campus Safety) Jun 27, 2023

Florida homeowner captures dozens of invasive cane toads threatening community, pets (WSVN - TV - Miami, FL) Jun 27, 2023

Think sharks, snakes, or spiders are the deadliest predators? The mosquito would like a word (WGCU - FM - Gainesville, FL) Jun 26, 2023

Florida Parents Urged To Keep Medical Gummies Away From Kids (WFLA - FM, Tampa, FL) Jun 26, 2023

‘They look like candy’: doctors see uptick in kids overdosing on melatonin, THC, and CBD gummies (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jun 25, 2023

Adam Rich, ‘Eight Is Enough’ actor, died of effects of fentanyl (NBC News) Jun 23, 2023

Officials: 8-month-old dies after getting into parents’ ‘stash’; both parents arrested (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 23, 2023

Poisonous Portuguese Man O’ War wash up on Sanibel beaches (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 23, 2023

E-Cigarette sales surging along with calls to poison control (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 23, 2023

DOH-Lee cautions about blue-green algae bloom (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander and Current)  Jun 23, 2023

Naples man catches invasive cane toads by the dozens (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 23, 2023

E-cigarette sales surge — and so do calls to poison control, health officials say (CBS News) Jun 22, 2023

Animal sedative xylazine in fentanyl is causing wounds and scrambling efforts to stop overdoses (AP) Jun 22, 2023

Blue-green algae bloom health alert issued in Lee County (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 22, 2023

Blue-Green Algae alert issued for Lake Monroe (The West Volusia Beacon) Jun 22, 2023

Florida vs. California: Which State Has More Venomous Snakes? ( Jun 22, 2023

New law bans purchase of Kratom under the age of 21 (Bay News 9 - Tampa, FL) Jun 21, 2023

Voluntary Recall of Specific Frozen Fruit Products Due to Possible Contamination by Listeria monocytogenes (Business Wire) Jun 21, 2023

Why NJ lawmakers hurry to ban Delta-8 products ( Jun 21, 2023

The Orange County Register: Melatonin, THC, CBD Gummies: The Misconception of Harmlessness ( Jun 21, 2023

Growing Opioid Crisis in Adults Increases Risk for Fatal Pediatric Poisonings  ( Jun 21, 2023

DOH Martin County issues toxic algae health alert for Lake Okeechobee, St. Lucie Canal (Naples Daily News) Jun 20, 2023

Fact check: FAU study did not find ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ in Sargassum seaweed ( Jun 20, 2023

Martin County Health: Blue-Green Algae Alert for Areas in Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM) Jun 20, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Horrific side-effects of zombie drug flooding our streets: 32-year-old from Philly left with rotten flesh after taking fentanyl laced with horse sedative ‘tranq’ (Daily Mail) Jun 20, 2023

Yes, some blue-green algae is toxic to pets ( Jun 20, 2023

Marijuana, other recreational drugs debut on pet toxins top 10 list ( Jun 20, 2023

2 dead, 2 kids hospitalized after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 20, 2023

Toxic blue-green algae detected in St. Johns River in IRC ( Jun 20, 2023

What’s up with the smelly seaweed washing up on the beaches of Florida? ( Jun 20, 2023

Doctor warns about dangers of generators due to carbon monoxide poisoning (KSLA - TV) Jun 19, 2023

DOH-Indian River County Issues Blue-Green Algae Bloom ALERT for the St Johns River, 2 Miles North of Blue Cypress Lake (WQCS - FM) Jun 19, 2023

When in Doubt, Keep It Out: Foods your dog should never ingest (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Jun 19, 2023

‘A very attractive hazard’: Melatonin, THC, CBD gummies are far from harmless (SunSentinel - Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Jun 19, 2023

2 medications recalled nationwide after major label mix-up ( Jun 18, 2023

What customers found in Marie Callender pies caused them to be recalled nationwide (Miami Herald) Jun 18, 2023

Blue-Green Algae polluting Caloosahatchee River (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 18, 2023

Red Tide Status Update (The Bradenton Times - Bradenton, FL) Jun 18, 2023

Across all 50 states, men more likely to die from using opioids, cocaine, meth, study finds (USA Today) Jun 17, 2023

DOH in Indian River County issues toxic algae health alert for St. Johns River near BCL  (TC Palm) Jun 16, 2023

Health alert issued for toxic blue-green algae in multiple Lake Okeechobee locations (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jun 16, 2023

Stingrays send thousands to the hospital each year. Here’s how to avoid injury in SC ( Jun 16, 2023

California couple ‘thought they had food poisoning’ and went to hospital days before dying in their sleep from ‘carbon monoxide poisoning’ at $780-a-night, 5 star Mexican resort – as doctors reveal the symptoms to look out for (Daily Mail) Jun 15, 2023

Blue Green Algae Blooms continue to threaten Lake O and the Caloosahatchee (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 15, 2023

A dangerous chemical Xylazine is being added to U.S. street drugs, killing thousands (WJCT - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 15, 2023

US couple who mysteriously died at luxury Mexican hotel ‘thought they had food poisoning’ (New York Post) Jun 15, 2023

Blue-green algae blooms plague Southwest Florida waters from Naples to Lake O: What we know (News-Press - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 15, 2023

Florida bans synthetic opioids (WCTV - TV - Tallahassee, FL) Jun 14, 2023

US drug overdose deaths top 109,000 in the past year (Reuters) Jun 14, 2023

McPherson man recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning after simple mistake (KWCH - TV) Jun 14, 2023

Cartels Are Using Pharmacies To Sell Fake Pills Laced With Fentanyl and Meth to Unwitting Tourists (Vice News) Jun 14, 2023

DOH-Lee cautions about blue-green algae bloom (Sanibel Captiva Island Reporter, Islander, and Current) Jun 14, 2023

1.5 million fentanyl doses seized in massive Florida drug ring bust: ‘No sympathy’ for ‘these scumbags’ (WOFL - TV - Orlando, FL) Jun 13, 2023

Health alert issued for blue-green algae in Lake Okeechobee, residents urged to take precautions (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jun 13, 2023

Protein powder sponsored by Jennifer Aniston is recalled across 20 states over fears it could be contaminated with plastic (Daily Mail) Jun 13, 2023

Researchers investigate sargassum’s impact on air quality ( Jun 12, 2023

Don’t touch that blob: Seaweed hitting Florida shores contains flesh-eating bacteria (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Jun 12, 2023

El Nino Likely To Increase Toxic Algae On Florida Waterways, Says NOAA ( Jun 12, 2023

Algae bloom covering half of Lake Okeechobee poses threat to SWFL waters (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 12, 2023

Blue-green algae is on the move (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Jun 11, 2023

The Dangerous Way You May Be Storing Your Detergent Pods (And How To Do It Right) ( Jun 11, 2023

Pesticide chemical ruled cause of death for worker who fumigated Broward warehouse (SunSentinel) Jun 10, 2023

Health concerns over blue-green algae bloom in the Caloosahatchee River (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 9, 2023

What you should know about flesh-eating bacteria on beaches (CNN) Jun 9, 2023

“200 stings or more.” Have you had sea lice after visiting a SC beach? Here’s what to know ( Jun 9, 2023

Delving into the Secret Lives of Venomous Snakes in Florida (St. Lucia News) Jun 9, 2023

Blue-green algae bloom spotted in South Florida, local businesses brace for potential impact (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jun 8, 2023

Water Quality Report: Goodbye red tide (for now) (WGCU - FM - Gainesville, FL) Jun 8, 2023

Health warning for blue-green algae near Davis Boat Ramp (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 8, 2023

Opioid Deaths Could Hit 165,000 Annually Without Intervention, Biden Official Warns (Forbes) Jun 7, 2023

There are huge brown blobs of seaweed in the water in Florida. See the photos. (USA Today) Jun 7, 2023

Blue-green algae alert issued for 3 Pahokee Marina locations in Lake Okeechobee (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jun 6, 2023

Snake scare: Copperhead bites Chattanooga preschooler during camping trip (WTVC - TV) Jun 6, 2023

Potentially Toxic Algae Bloom North of Bull Creek Campground Results in Urgent Health Alert ( Jun 6, 2023

We’re vets and these are the surprising things that are TOXIC for dogs ( Jun 6, 2023

What is Chroming? The Latest Social Media Trend Parents Need to Know About (Yahoo) Jun 5, 2023

Algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee growing larger (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, Fl) Jun 5, 2023

Blue-green algae bloom in Fort Myers Shores (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 5, 2023

Sales Boom of a Mushroom Considered Poisonous by Some, Psychoactive by Others (Colorado Times Recorder) Jun 5, 2023

Pet owners beware: These plants can be hazardous to dogs, cats and horses (Florida Today) Jun 3, 2023

Under new Florida law, kratom will only be sold to people 21 and older (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Jun 3, 2023

Woman bit by rattlesnake in Sarasota Florida gets 58 vials of anti-venom (WSVN - TV - Miami, FL) Jun 2, 2023

Deadly Mix: Thousands Dead in South Florida from Fentanyl-Involved Overdoses (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Jun 2, 2023

At first glance, this hemlock plant looks harmless. However, nothing could be further from the truth (The Dallas Morning News) Jun 2, 2023

What is THC-O? Similar to Delta-8, it’s making waves in the cannabis market (USA Today) Jun 2, 2023

Algae bloom warning issued for Clay County (WJCT - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 1, 2023

Injection drug users unknowingly getting fentanyl mixed in with heroin (UPI) Jun 1, 2023

Generators can be deadly during hurricanes. Here’s what to know about using them safely. (CBS News) Jun 1, 2023

Vibrio bacteria could be in Florida sargassum seaweed. How to prevent getting an infection (USA Today) Jun 1, 2023

Fentanyl drug busts increase 200% in parts of Florida (FOX News) Jun 1, 2023


The rise of Fentanyl in Southwest Florida (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) May 31, 2023

Red tide is just about gone from Florida’s Gulf coast (WUSF - FM) May 31, 2023

Tampa shop sells mood-altering mushroom products. Are they safe? (Tampa Bay Times) May 31, 2023

‘People rot from the inside out’: lethal xylazine deepens the US drug crisis (Financial Times) May 31, 2023

Florida’s KILLER TOADS (Fort Meyers Florida Weekly) May 31, 2023

Port Charlotte residents spotting blue-green algae as Lake O experiences blooms (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) May 30, 2023

How to avoid food poisoning during summer cookouts and picnics (CBS News) May 29, 2023

Florida woman recovering after being bitten by venomous snake (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) May 28, 2023

Sarasota woman spends 21st birthday in ICU, surviving rattlesnake bite (WSVN - TV - Miami, FL) May 27, 2023

‘Everybody can be a victim of fentanyl poisoning’: Mother shares message to recreational drug users after son’s death (KSAT - TV) May 26, 2023

Algae bloom sighted near the Ortona Lock in the Caloosahatchee River (South Central Florida Life) May 26, 2023

Blue-Green algae bloom alert issued for Lee County (WFTX - TV, Fort Meyers, FL) May 26, 2023

Beware of Giving Kids Melatonin Supplements (Newsmax) May 26, 2023

Know the Dangers of ‘Gas Station Heroin’ (Healthessentials) May 26, 2023

Marijuana linked to mental health risks in young adults, growing evidence shows (NBC News) May 26, 2023

Florida Lake Warning Issued Over Large Algae Bloom (Newsweek) May 26, 2023

Jacksonville woman makes plea to teens after family member’s drug scare (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 25, 2023

12-year-old girl saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning (ABC News) May 25, 2023

Unregulated, candy-like edibles pose threat to children (WGN - TV) May 24, 2023

Red tide appears to be gone from area beaches (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) May 24, 2023

Large algae bloom spotted on Florida’s Lake Okeechobee (FOX Weather) May 24, 2023

Ow, ow, ow: Dealing with sandspurs, tar, jellyfish and other hazards of Florida beaches (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) May 24, 2023

Warning to pet owners after dog ‘poisoned’ by household device (Yahoo News) May 24, 2023

Health advisory issued on blue-green algae in Lake Okeechobee (WGCU - FM - Gainesville, FL) May 23, 2023

Addressing America’s deadly drug epidemic goes far beyond fentanyl (CNN) May 23, 2023

Parents seek desperate measures with melatonin, ignoring potential risks (WNYW - TV) May 23, 2023

Red tide? Seaweed blob? Nope, scientists are watching a different algae off Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay Times) May 23, 2023

Every Picture Tells A Story: Melatonin (American council on Science Health) May 23, 2023

A new nasal spray to reverse fentanyl and other opioid overdoses gets FDA approval (NPR) May 22, 2023

What does poison ivy look like? (WRIC - TV) May 22, 2023

Seaweed blob may stink up Florida beaches. But here’s how it helps rebuild them (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL) May 22, 2023

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AG’s Call for Congressional Action to Control Xylazine Due to Rising Overdose Rates (Franklin County Free Press) May 22, 2023

Beware of Combining These Common Over-the-Counter Medications (Epoch Times) May 22, 2023

Here’s what you need to know about the flurry of eye drop recalls (CBS News) May 19, 2023

Martin County Health Officials Issue Blue-Green Algae Bloom ALERT for Areas in Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM) May 19, 2023

CDC reports another death linked to recalled eyedrops (NBC News) May 19, 2023

DEA Could Issue New Rules for Delta-8, Synthetic THCs (Dallas Observer) May 19, 2023

Something Weird Is Going On With Melatonin (The Atlantic) May 18, 2023

Snake Spotted on Popular Beach in Destin Florida (KTDY - FM) May 18, 2023

Inside the Emerging Xylazine Addiction Crisis in the U.S. (Time) May 18, 2023

US drug overdose deaths, fueled by synthetic opioids, hit a new high in 2022 (CNN) May 18, 2023

Acme United Recalls PhysiciansCare Brand Allergy Relief and Cold and Cough Tablets Due to Failure to Meet Child Resistant Packaging Requirement; Risk of Poisoning; Sold on ( May 18, 2023

Blue-Green Algae Discolors Water At Pinellas Beaches: County ( May 18, 2023

‘Sea sawdust,’ Visitors spot brown, discolored water at some Pinellas County beaches (WFTS - TV) May 18, 2023

Keep These Emergency Items At Home If Your Kids Are Accident-Prone (Huffington Post) May 18, 2023

Prenatal Marijuana Use Results in Babies With Lower Weight and Smaller Heads: Study (The Epoch Times) May 18, 2023

Red tide is finally gone from the Pinellas beaches (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) May 17, 2023

Cops say they’re being poisoned by fentanyl. Experts say the risk is ‘extremely low’ (National Public Radio) May 16, 2023

Recalled Gerber baby formula was sent to US retailers after recall began, wholesaler says (ABC News) May 16, 2023

Red tide status in Sarasota, Manatee counties ( May 16, 2023

Marijuana Can Affect Fetal Development, Even If Used Early in Pregnancy (US News and World Report) May 16, 2023

Deadly mushroom poison might now have an antidote — with help from CRISPR (Nature) May 16, 2023

What is the deadliest spider in the world? (livescience) May 16, 2023


Cases of marijuana laced with fentanyl increasing, says Washington doctor (FOX News) May 15, 2023

Schools stock Naloxone as student drug overdoses surge (ABC News)  May 15, 2023

A recalled Gerber powdered baby formula was distributed to some US retailers after the initial recall notice, company says (CNN) May 14, 2023

Operation Last Mile Seizes 548,000 Fentanyl Pills, Guns, Drugs in Florida (West Orlando News) May 14, 2023

Pesto product distributed to Trader Joe’s in 14 states recalled over labeling, allergen issue ( May 13, 2023

WATCH: Florida deputies save hawk with snake wrapped around its neck (WLFA - TV - Tampa, FL) May 12, 2023

8-year-old bitten by venomous snake at Georgia lake (WAGA - TV - Atlanta, GA) May 12, 2023

Florida Residents Look Out For This When Walking Your Dog (WRBQ - FM - St. Petersburg, FL) May 12, 2023

Red tide status in Sarasota, Manatee counties ( May 11, 2023

‘No child should be dying’: Fentanyl-related deaths among kids rising, Yale study says (Los Angeles Times) May 11, 2023

Eastern Meat Solutions, Inc. Recalls Raw, Boneless Pork Products Imported without Benefit of Import Reinspection (USA Today) May 11, 2023

Discover 7 Poisonous Frogs In Florida ( May 11, 2023

Red tide is hanging around southern Sarasota, northern Pinellas beaches (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) May 10, 2023

Blue-green algae warnings issued for five lakes in Polk County, two sites on Peace River (The Ledger) May 10, 2023

Toxic Beauties: 10 House Plants That Can Harm Your Pets (Unique Times) May 10, 2023

Recall Press Release: TW4115 Black Fungus (Nam Meo) (USA Today) May 10, 2023

New ‘Helping Heroes’ program to bring more naloxone supply for first responders in Florida (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) May 9, 2023

New Bedford woman warns parents about fentanyl poisoning: ‘It can happen to you’ (WJAR - TV) May 9, 2023

Double dose of danger: Xylazine linked to hundreds of deaths on the First Coast (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 9, 2023

Venomous snakes pose danger to pets (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) May 9, 2023

Four kids, one adult rushed to hospital after eating CBD gummies in Golden Gate (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) May 9, 2023

National Fentanyl Awareness Day (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 9, 2023

5 people hospitalized after carbon monoxide poisoning at Orange County home (WOFL - TV - Orlando, FL) May 9, 2023

Health Alert Issued For Polk Waterways After Blue-Green Algae Detected ( May 9, 2023

Doctors, poison control warn about spike in kids getting sick from cannabis products, opioids (WSB - TV) May 9, 2023

Cane toad population on the rise (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) May 9, 2023

Recreational drugs make list of top toxins for pets for first time (KTTV) May 8, 2023

Health officials issue blue-green algae bloom alert for Peace River (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) May 8, 2023

Fentanyl-related deaths among children increased more than 30-fold between 2013 and 2021 (CNN) May 8, 2023

Detroit mom whose son died after consuming chemical bought online pushes for change (CBC News) May 8, 2023

A hidden menace: Columbus toddler’s death spotlights button battery poison risk to children (Ledger-Enquirer) May 8, 2023

General Mills announces nationwide recall of Gold Medal flour over Salmonella outbreak (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL) May 7, 2023

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife dispels rattlesnake myth (KTXL - TV) May 7, 2023

‘Leaves of three, let it be’: What do poison oak and poison hemlock look like? What to know (USA Today) May 7, 2023

What does ‘tranq’ do to the body?: HealthLink (KING - TV) May 5, 2023

Family Dollar recalls Advil kept “outside of labeled temperature requirements” (CBS News) May 5, 2023

Red Tide Status Update (The Bradenton Times) May 5, 2023

Dangers of unregulated cannabis edibles (ABC News) May 5, 2023

Martin County Health Issues a Blue-Green Algae Alert Issued for an Area of Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) May 4, 2023

DOH in Martin County issues toxic algae health alert for Lake Okeechobee, St. Lucie Canal ( May 4, 2023

After $3 million worth of kratom is seized, FDA continues to warn of its dangers (NBC News) May 4, 2023

How to identify Florida’s most venomous snakes; why you’ll be seeing more (WINK - TV, Fort Meyers, FL) May 4, 2023

Rattlesnake bite helps fuel nursing aspirations for Florida man (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 3, 2023

For Black Americans, the pandemic spike in fentanyl deaths was decades in the making (politico) May 3, 2023

Opioid Crisis Worse Now Than Ever: Drug Overdose Deaths Spike Amid Fentanyl Surge ( May 3, 2023

Fentanyl overdose death rate nearly quadrupled from 2016 to 2021 ( May 3, 2023

Fentanyl overdose deaths surged 279% since 2016 while heroin deaths fell: CDC (ABC News) May 3, 2023

Safety First: Dangers of THC candy (WBTV - TV) May 2, 2023

Careless NY stoners poisoning other people’s dogs: It’s ‘unbelievable’ (New York Post) May 2, 2023

Nearly 300 arrested in ‘largest international operation’ targeting fentanyl and opioid trafficking: DOJ (ABC News) May 2, 2023

2 cases of salmonella in Illinois linked to Gold Medal flour recall, CDC says (WLS - TV) May 2, 2023

Young Men Are Using Banned ‘SARM’ Supplements to Bulk Up, With Harmful Results (U.S. News and World Report) May 2, 2023

Dogs suffering from marijuana poisoning across the country due to improperly disposed of joints (FOX News) May 2, 2023

Red tide status in Sarasota, Manatee counties ( May 1, 2023

Gov. DeSantis signs bills cracking down on fentanyl dealers, child rapists (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 1, 2023

Childhood exposure to cannabis sparks California public health advisory for safe storage (The Press Democrat) May 1, 2023

TikTok’s ‘Benadryl Challenge’ sends Monmouth County teen to hospital ( May 1, 2023

Spring cleaning priority: Prevent accidental poisoning at home (WRBI - FM) May 1, 2023

Suicide 2nd Leading Cause of Death for Children Age 10-14 in 2020: CDC ( May 1, 2023


Artist’s death spotlights peril posed by xylazine-fentanyl mix (The Washington Post) Apr 30, 2023

A Toxic Plant Was Removed From a Miami Park. What You Need to Know About Angel’s Trumpet (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Apr 29, 2023

General Mills issues recall for some bags of Gold Medal flour after salmonella discovery (NBC News) Apr 29, 2023

Multiple soup products under public health alert due to possible contamination (WZVN - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 28, 2023

Is red tide finally gone from Manatee, Sarasota beaches? Here’s the latest FWC report (Bradenton Herald) Apr 28, 2023

Red tide is still present around northern Pinellas and southern Sarasota counties (WUSF - FM) Apr 27, 2023

All drugs for humans, pets made by this company are being recalled, FDA says ( Apr 27, 2023

Questions Linger as 1 of 2 Pest Control Workers Who Died After Pompano Beach Job ID’d (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Apr 26, 2023

Relatives of more than 60 young people who died of fentanyl overdoses file expanded lawsuit against Snapchat (NBC News) Apr 26, 2023

Free Narcan available in Central Florida as opioid overdose deaths remain high (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Apr 26, 2023

Illinois-based meat producer recalls over 2,000 Ibs. of ground beef over ‘rubber-like’ material in patties (FOX Business) Apr 26, 2023

Health department issues blue-green algae bloom alert for Lake Seminole boat ramp ( Apr 26, 2023

Dakota Style Foods expands pretzel recall ( Apr 26, 2023

Can Leftover Rice Really Give You Food Poisoning? ( Apr 26, 2023

Philadelphia CBP Seizes 6 Gallons of Florida-Bound ‘Coma in a Bottle’ ( Apr 26, 2023

What should you do if you’re bitten by a venomous snake in Florida? (News-Press) Apr 26, 2023

Not Sure If You Have a Spider Bite? These Pictures Can Help You Figure It Out ( Apr 26, 2023

Dangers of children vaping highlighted by recent incident at Interlachen High School (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 25, 2023

Sleep aid gummies contain way more melatonin, CBD than advertised: study (New York Post) Apr 25, 2023

Melatonin Dose Often Higher Than Reported on Label Read Newsmax: Melatonin Dose Often Higher Than Reported on Label (Newsmax) Apr 25, 2023

Mislabeled melatonin gummies are poisoning children. Here’s how to protect your kids. (USA Today) Apr 25, 2023

Carbon monoxide deaths are climbing, putting families in peril: ‘My son is lucky to be alive’ (FOX News) Apr 24, 2023

Ground cumin recalled in 16 states, including Va. over salmonella risk (WTOP - FM) Apr 24, 2023

Red tide alert issued for Fort Myers Beach (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers) Apr 23, 2023

Xylazine Threat In FL: Feds Issue Warning Over Fentanyl Mixture ( Apr 23, 2023

Sun Pharma, Hetero Recall Drugs In The U.S. Market ( Apr 23, 2023

Discover the 8 Most Dangerous Plants in Florida (Are They in Your Garden Right Now?) ( Apr 23, 2023

Here’s *Exactly* What a Dermatologist Wants You To Do if You Touch Poison Ivy ( Apr 23, 2023

Kawasho Foods USA Inc. Announces Expansion of Voluntary Recall of GEISHA Medium Shrimp 4oz. Due to Possible Under Processing (Business Wire) Apr 22, 2023

‘Most Dangerous Substance We’ve Ever Seen’: Exclusive Access Inside DEA Drug Lab Amid Fentanyl Fight (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Apr 21, 2023

Red tide is lingering around Honeymoon Island, southern Sarasota County (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Apr 21, 2023

Beef Burger Recall Over Fears Thousands of Products are Contaminated (Newsweek) Apr 21, 2023

Florida Department of Health issues red tide alert (Fort Meyers Beach Observer and Beach Bulletin) Apr 21, 2023

Pandemic saw suicides and suicide attempts by poisoning rise sharply in kids (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 20, 2023

Lipari Foods Recalls Ground Cumin Because of Possible Health Risk (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL) Apr 20, 2023

Harmful Blue-Green Algal Toxins in Orange, Lochloosa, and Newnans Lakes ( Apr 20, 2023

Rate of Self-Poisoning Increased During Pandemic for 10- to 19-Year-Olds ( Apr 20, 2023

Health Alert: Harmful blue-green algae found in Orange Lake (Ocala-News) Apr 20, 2023

Xylazine, an animal tranquilizer found mixed with opioids, classified as a controlled substance in Pennsylvania (CBS News) Apr 19, 2023

Here’s where you can drop off unused medicine for Drug Take Back Day in the Jacksonville area (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 18, 2023

How to avoid food poisoning when traveling ( Apr 18, 2023

13-year-old dies from ‘Benadryl challenge’ on TikTok (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL) Apr 18, 2023

Delta-8 hemp products in Florida, explained (Tampa Bay Times) Apr 18, 2023

The Rise of ‘Gas Station Heroin’ ( Apr 18, 2023

The economic impact of the opioid epidemic ( Apr 18, 2023

Battle over delta-8 is heating up nationally. Here’s what to know about the ‘diet weed.’ (USA Today) Apr 15, 2023

Clearing the Air: Misinformation about THC and pregnancy can lead to serious, harmful effects (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 15, 2023

Some OTC Drugs Can Be Habit-Forming So Be Careful When Taking These (BuzzFeednews) Apr 15, 2023

Poison control helpline calls surge for pet cannabis exposure ( Apr 15, 2023

Red tide lingering? Bloom continues to impact south Sarasota County beaches (Herald-Tribune) Apr 14, 2023

Group hosting seminar to boost opioid awareness (Palatka Daily News) Apr 14, 2023

4 students taken to hospital after eating marijuana gummies at Putnam County elementary school (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 13, 2023

Drug Take Back Day: Drop off unused medications to help the environment and opioid crisis (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 13, 2023

Invasive cane toads infestation posing threat to Southwest Florida pets (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 13, 2023

‘We’re quite concerned’: Lee County at center of Florida manatee mortality event with 65 deaths (News-Press) Apr 12, 2023

Biden administration says fentanyl-xylazine cocktail is a deadly national threat (NPR) Apr 12, 2023

Juul Reaches $462 Million Settlement With New York, California and Other States (New York Times) Apr 12, 2023

Discover the 8 Most Dangerous Plants in Florida (Are They In Your Garden Right Now?) ( Apr 12, 2023

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Eye drop recall: What is pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria? (Fox Business) Apr 10, 2023

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Potent drug xylazine linked to overdoses in Sarasota ( Apr 10, 2023

How can I protect my children from fentanyl that’s bought and sold on social media? (Dallas Morning News) Apr 10, 2023

5 Things: Five things parents and caregivers need to know about children and medicine. (Muskogee Phoenix) Apr 10, 2023

Check your fridge for these salad kits and lettuce recalled due to listeria concerns (ABC News) Apr 10, 2023

Publix store brand, Fresh Express among packaged salads recalled after listeria is found (Miami Herald) Apr 9, 2023

6 Snakes To Know On Your Walks, Jogs And Hikes Around FL ( Apr 9, 2023

Discover When Florida Rattlesnakes Are Most Active ( Apr 8, 2023

Blue-green algae alert issued for lakes in west Volusia County ( Apr 7, 2023

Red tide detected in Tampa Bay-area beaches; Treasure Island Beach at ‘high’ risk of irritation (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 7, 2023

Chocolate poisoning in dogs increases 123% during Easter, vets warn (New York Post) Apr 7, 2023

Cleveland doctor explains the dangers of children eating THC edibles (WKYC - TV) Apr 6, 2023

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue demonstrates how to use Narcan in an emergency (CBS News) Apr 6, 2023

U.S. advances portable generator safety rule to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning (NBC News) Apr 6, 2023

High amount of prescription drugs found in redfish in Florida’s most important estuaries, new study finds (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 5, 2023

Red tide found in 4 Tampa Bay-area counties (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 5, 2023

Tampa Bay-area sees spike in overdose deaths involving fentanyl mixed with animal drug (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 5, 2023

Florida attorney general warns about possible flesh-eating ‘zombie’ drug (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 5, 2023

These 10 foods are most likely to give you food poisoning — here’s why they’re particularly risky ( Apr 5, 2023

Fentanyl and Xylazine, a deadly drug mixture (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)  Apr 5, 2023

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Florida redfish contaminated with drugs. Study finds opioids, psychoactive medications and more. (South Florida Sun Sentinel) Apr 4, 2023

How xylazine – a tranquilizer showing up in fentanyl – makes it harder to slow overdose deaths (USA Today) Apr 4, 2023

Top 4 Reasons for Teens to Limit or Quit Caffeine ( Apr 4, 2023

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7 Foods Most Likely To Cause Food Poisoning, According to a Food Scientist ( Apr 3, 2023

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10 grocery items most likely to cause food poisoning: ‘Big surprise’ (New York Post) Apr 1, 2023

Salmon sold in Florida Publix stores recalled over Listeria concerns, FDA says (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 1, 2023

Invasive Cuban treefrog extends its presence in Florida (WUFT - TV - Gainesville, FL) Apr 1, 2023


DEA warns of dangerous effects of mixing fentanyl with xylazine (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 31, 2023

The horrific rise of xylazine, the flesh-destroying drug making fentanyl even deadlier (The Guardian) Mar 31, 2023

Prevent poisoning at home ( Mar 31, 2023

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Recall alert: Hand sanitizers recalled over methanol concerns (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL) Mar 30, 2023

Gardening: Florida’s sssnakes – Pythons, cottonmouths and more; the benefits and dangers (Marco Eagle) Mar 30, 2023

The Crackdown on Flesh-Rotting Tranq Dope Has Begun (Vice) Mar 30, 2023

Experts say these caterpillars found in Florida have venomous hairs (WSVN - TV - Miami, FL) Mar 30, 2023

Red tide detected in 4 Tampa Bay-area counties, report shows (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 29, 2023

Red tide is back in Manatee and Sarasota counties (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Mar 29, 2023

FDA approves first over-the-counter version of opioid overdose antidote Narcan (CNN) Mar 29, 2023

Fentanyl is ‘single greatest challenge’ U.S. faces, DHS secretary says (The Washington Post) Mar 29, 2023

Surprising Household Items That Can Cause Poisoning in Dogs ( Mar 29, 2023

Drug overdose fatalities among US older adults have quadrupled over 20 years, research finds (Medical Express) Mar 29, 2023

SC deputies give warning about deadly street drug: ‘Narcan does not reverse its effects’ (WYFF - TV) Mar 28, 2023

Lawmakers move to crack down on veterinary sedative xylazine (CBS News) Mar 28, 2023

Nurses Make House Calls to Treat ‘Tranq’ Wounds for Users at Society’s Edge (The Wall Street Journal) Mar 28, 2023

Hospitals Are Increasingly Crowded With Kids Who Tried to Harm Themselves, Study Finds (New York Times) Mar 28, 2023

Mote red tide water samples remain unalarming (Observer) Mar 28, 2023

Fort Worth family of 6 hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning (KDFW - TV) Mar 28, 2023

The Horrifying Epidemic of Teen-Age Fentanyl Deaths in a Texas County (The New Yorker) Mar 28, 2023

Over-the-Counter Narcan Could Save More Lives. But Price and Stigma Are Obstacles. (The New York Times) Mar 28, 2023

What’s the difference between poison and venom? ( Mar 27, 2023

Marijuana Has Special Risks for Older People (The Wall Street Journal) Mar 26, 2023

Teen overdose deaths have doubled in three years. Blame fentanyl. (The Hill) Mar 26, 2023

Critical drug shortage a threat to national security, congressional report finds (New York Post) Mar 25, 2023

Red tide is gone from Sarasota beaches and waning on Pinellas shores (WUSF - FM - Tampa, Fl) Mar 25, 2023

Red Tide alert lifted from multiple Lee County locations (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 25, 2023

Health department issues alert for blue-green algae toxins in Tiger Lake near Lake Wales (The Ledger) Mar 24, 2023

‘It’s this insidious monster’ | Houston mother speaks out after daughter dies from fentanyl pill (KHOU - TV) Mar 24, 2023

Red Tide status improving in SWFL (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 24, 2023

Red tide advisory lifted for all Sarasota County beaches (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 23, 2023

Opioids, Including Fentanyl, a Leading Cause in Child Poisoning Deaths (KXAS  - TV) Mar 23, 2023

What makes fentanyl so dangerous and how can people prevent overdoses? Our expert explains (CNN) Mar 23, 2023

Is spring cleaning safe for pets? These household hazards can harm your furry friend (WFXT - TV) Mar 22, 2023

Fentanyl is even deadlier when mixed with xylazine (or ‘tranq’): What you must know now (FOX News) Mar 22, 2023

The CDC is investigating recalled eyedrops after infections cause death and blindness (NPR) Mar 22, 2023

Public health officials warn ‘zombie drug’ xylazine is circulating in Central Florida (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Mar 22, 2023

Red tide status in Sarasota, Manatee counties (Observer) Mar 21, 2023

Death toll climbs in outbreak linked to recalled eye drops as new treatment identified (CBS News) Mar 21, 2023

Red tide improving, Sarasota officials say (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Mar 21, 2023

DEA issues alert about widespread threat of xylazine (CNN) Mar 21, 2023

Castor Beans – The invasive plant with a deadly secret (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Mar 21, 2023

Tranq making ‘deadliest drug threat’ in US ‘even deadlier,’ DEA warns (The Hill) Mar 21, 2023

How does red tide impact beachgoers? ( Mar 21, 2023

Watch an Alligator Launch a Sneak-Attack on a Cottonmouth Snake and Gobble It Up ( Mar 21, 2023

How to prevent an accidental poisoning at home (WGEM - TV) Mar 20, 2023

What is xylazine, the veterinary sedative being found in the U.S. drug supply? (CBS News) Mar 20, 2023

Xylazine, fentanyl mixtures found in almost every state, DEA warns (CBS News) Mar 20, 2023

Gerber Baby Formula Recalled Due to Bacteria Concerns (US News and World Report) Mar 20, 2023

Is Red Tide Harmful to Humans? What to Know About Florida’s Recent Algae Bloom (Health) Mar 20, 2023

Here’s what to know about red tide in Pinellas County this week (Tampa Bay Times) Mar 20, 2023

Frozen Fruit Recalled at Costco and Trader Joe’s Stores Due to Risk of Hepatitis A Outbreak (People) Mar 19, 2023

Massive seaweed bloom starts washing ashore Florida beaches (Yahoo News) Mar 18, 2023

How Does Red Tide Impact Beachgoers? ( Mar 18, 2023

Red tide is killing manatees across Florida (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 18, 2023

Florida red tide: American Lung Association provides tips on protecting yourself from respiratory issues (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 17, 2023

Pfizer recalls millions of migraine prescription drug packs due to a risk of child poisoning (NBC News) Mar 17, 2023

Preventing poisoning for your pets (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 16, 2023

Poison warning: 1 call every 42 minutes about child eating laundry pod (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 16, 2023

Discover the 8 Most Dangerous Plants in Florida (Are They In Your Garden Right Now?) ( Mar 16, 2023

New study on child poisoning deaths (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 15, 2023

Doctors warn of TikTok drinking trend after 28 ambulance calls near college (Bay News 9) Mar 10, 2023

Central Florida families share how opioid overdoses, addiction changed their lives (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Mar 9, 2023

Red tide has overtaken much of Florida’s southwest coast. See the hot spots. (USA Today) Mar 9, 2023

Deadly drug xylazine found in Martin County (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Mar 8, 2023

Deadly new drug ‘tranq’ hits Martin County, leaves large open wounds on body: MCSO (WPEC - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 8, 2023

Opioids Are Leading Cause of Child Poisoning Deaths, Study Finds (New York Times) Mar 8, 2023

Tranq has become a bigger part of Philly’s street fentanyl supply. The wounds left behind are killing people (CNN) Mar 8, 2023

Fish kills, breathing problems and burning eyes: How red tide is impacting Pinellas beaches (Tampa Bay Times) Mar 8, 2023

Opioids Were the Most Common Cause of Fatal Poisoning of Young Children, a Study Finds (WJTV - TV - Miami, FL) Mar 8, 2023

Jacksonville baby dies of fentanyl poisoning, second suspect in custody (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 7, 2023

Dozens of UMass students in hospital over dangerous ‘borg’ TikTok booze trend (New York Post) Mar 7, 2023

FDA: Two more eyedrop brands recalled due to risks (AP) Mar 7, 2023

What is a ‘borg’? College drinking TikTok trend is ‘very concerning,’ can lead to alcohol poisoning (Boston Herald) Mar 6, 2023

Tracking red tide along the beaches of Southwest Florida (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 6, 2023

What to know about the ‘red tide’ hitting Florida beaches (NPR) Mar 6, 2023

Family sues Airbnb after toddler dies of fentanyl overdose in rental (FOX Business) Mar 5, 2023

Nearly 30 college students taken to hospital amid binge-drinking trend known as ‘borg’ at UMass (Daily Hampshire Gazette) Mar 4, 2023

Manatee distressed from red tide rescued in Lee County (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Mar 4, 2023

FDA cracks down on animal tranquilizer as overdose deaths and amputations soar (FOX News) Mar 3, 2023

Video shows hundreds of dead fish scattered along Florida beach ( Mar 3, 2023

Harmful algae found at Blue Cypress Lake; Visitors warned not to touch water (TC Palm) Mar 3, 2023

Fentanyl-related deaths among children under 1 have quadrupled in just 2 years (KING - TV) Mar 2, 2023

Naloxone nasal spray may soon be in your pharmacy. Our medical analyst explains what it is and who can use it (CNN) Mar 2, 2023

Oysters recalled after salmonella outbreak sickens people in three southeastern states (USA Today) Mar 2, 2023

Recall alert: Lidl cocktail shrimp recalled over listeria concerns (KIRO - TV) Mar 2, 2023

Illinois’ Matthew Mayer Back at Practice After ‘Caffeine Poisoning’ (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 1, 2023

Red tide is getting worse along the Gulf beaches (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Mar 1, 2023

Raising awareness for poison control helpline (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 1, 2023

Red tide in Florida: 9 things you should know about the microscopic algae with big impact (Herald-Tribune) Mar 1, 2023

Red tide impacting Florida beaches: 6 things you need to know about toxic algae (The Palm Beach Post) Mar 1, 2023

8 Salmonella cases linked to wild oysters from Florida; Health warning issued (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 1, 2023


Florida Department of Health detects Salmonella outbreak from raw oysters (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL) Feb 28, 2023

‘You’re not protecting our children’: Rochester Hills mom testifies about 2 sons’ fentanyl deaths (Detroit News) Feb 28, 2023

FDA restricts imports of ‘tranq’ drug xylazine (The Hill) Feb 28, 2023

Shrimp recall: Geisha seafood recalled from Walmart, Safeway, more for spoilage concerns (USA Today) Feb 28, 2023

Fentanyl deaths in young children on the rise from accidental poisoning (NBC News) Feb 28, 2023

Eye ointment recalled after earlier EzriCare eyedrops recall linked to infection outbreak, death (USA Today) Feb 27, 2023

What is ‘tranq’? Medicine used by veterinarians blamed in deaths, overdoses across US (Miami Herald) Feb 27, 2023

Do These 5 Things to Protect Your Kids From Ingesting Marijuana Edibles ( Feb 27, 2023

Red tide floods SWFL coasts with dead fish, breathing issues (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 27, 2023

More than 4.5 million fentanyl pills, 3,000 pounds of methamphetamine seized in Arizona investigation, DEA says (CNN) Feb 26, 2023

Heroin, fentanyl found in THC, CBD edibles in Montgomery County (CBS News) Feb 25, 2023

Moms Band Together to Fight Fentanyl (U.S. News and World Report) Feb 25, 2023

Florida health officials warn of toxic algae in Lake Washington (Florida Today) Feb 25, 2023

New ‘Frankenstein’ opioids more dangerous than fentanyl alarming state leaders across US as drug crisis rages (FOX News) Feb 25, 2023

Red Tide continues hitting SWFL (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 25, 2023

Recall of insulated bottles issued for potential lead problem in bottom compartment (FOX Business) Feb 24, 2023

DOH issues toxic algae health alert for St. Lucie Canal in Martin County (TC Palm) Feb 24, 2023

DPS: Cannabis edibles disguised as popular candy brands pose risk to kids (KHOU-TV) Feb 24, 2023

Dead fish washing up on Collier County beaches due to high levels of red tide (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 24, 2023

‘Stoned and wobbly:’ Metro Atlanta vets seeing more dogs ingesting THC (WSB - TV) Feb 23, 2023

Poison control experts share 7 common mistakes people make that lead to dangerous exposures (NBC News) Feb 23, 2023

FDA expands recall of potentially contaminated eye products amid outbreak (CBS News) Feb 22, 2023

Red Tide continues to linger, but how much longer? (WFTX - TV) Feb 22, 2023

Why are dead fish in the water? What’s in your throat? How red tide hits Florida beaches (Miami Herald) Feb 22, 2023

5 things to know about Narcan as Florida schools consider stocking opioid overdose spray (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) Feb 22, 2023

Red tide alert issued for areas of coastal Lee County (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 21, 2023

Fentanyl-positive patients usually had additional drugs in their systems (Axios) Feb 21, 2023

Black Snake with Red Belly in Florida: What is it and is it Poisonous? (a-z Feb 21, 2023

What you need to know about xylazine, aka ‘tranq,’ a dangerous new drug making in-roads in major American cities (Insider) Feb 20, 2023

145,000 cans of Enfamil ProSobee infant formula recalled over bacterial risk (CNN) Feb 20, 2023

Dangers and warnings spotlighted in look at hemp products and edibles (WDBJ) Feb 20, 2023

Kitchen dangers: are you being slowly poisoned by your spice rack? (The Guardian) Feb 20, 2023

Dog recovering after poisoned by Sago Palm (Villages-News) Feb 20, 2023

People are dying from fake weed, just as the push is on in Florida to legalize recreational marijuana (South Florida Sun Sentinel) Feb 19, 2023

Why is there red tide in Florida during the winter? Here’s what experts say (Bradenton Herald) Feb 19, 2023

11-year-old NYC boy overdoses on pot gummies at Super Bowl party (New York Post) Feb 18, 2023

Toxic chemical poisoning: Have you been affected? How to know (FOX News) Feb 18, 2023

New push underway to regulate Delta 8 in Georgia (WSB - TV)   Feb 16, 2023

Red tide bloom gaining strength in some areas, expert says it may be fading overall (News-Press) Feb 16, 2023

Risk of impaired Florida drivers causes concern amid possible legalization of recreational marijuana (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Feb 16, 2023

Series of Chemical Accidents Sparks Flood of Conspiracy Theories (Newsweek) Feb 16, 2023

Police investigating after vape pen sends several students to the hospital (WYMT - TV) Feb 16, 2023

Delta-8 And -9 THC-O Are Controlled Substances, DEA Says (Forbes) Feb 16, 2023

Here’s What to Do If Your Dog Eats Weed (KNSD - TV) Feb 15, 2023

Former high school student arrested, accused of being supplier related to deadly Carrollton fentanyl overdoses, police say (WFAA - TV) Feb 15, 2023

Florida’s medical marijuana program has grown 71% in the past two years ( Feb 15, 2023

FDA advisors recommend over-the-counter use of lifesaving opioid overdose treatment Narcan (CNBC) Feb 15, 2023

Mom says, “My daughter Amy was 25 and she died from an overdose of something that was laced with fentanyl.” (WJHG - TV - Panama City, FL) Feb 15, 2023

Health Startups Offer Diabetes Drugs Like Ozempic for Weight Loss With Little Oversight (Wall Street Journal) Feb 15, 2023

Youth opioid overdoses on the rise as schools struggle to fight the epidemic (FOX News) Feb 15, 2023

Be safe with pesticides (Pontac Progress) Feb 15, 2023

Red Tide persisting in some SWFL waters (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 14, 2023

So, should you wash your chicken or not? (Salon) Feb 14, 2023


As ‘Tranq Dope’ Arrives in a Philadelphia Neighborhood, So Do Alarming Health Challenges (U.S. News and World Report) Feb 13, 2023

Nausea, Wobbling, Confusion: Dogs Are Getting Sick From Discarded Weed (New York Times) Feb 13, 2023

Choosing safe Valentine’s flowers, plants for pet parents ( Feb 11, 2023

14-year-old fentanyl poisoning victim says 3 recent deaths haven’t stopped rampant student drug use (KTVT - TV) Feb 10, 2023

Edible cannabis exposure and toxicity increase among young children ( Feb 10, 2023

I-TEAM: Potential dangers of children swallowing water beads (WRDW - TV) Feb 9, 2023

Watch out for these poisonous Florida plants, especially if you have kids and pets – Sun Sentinel ( Feb 9, 2023

Jacksonville’s Overdose Squad is focused on getting dealers off the streets (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Choosing safe Valentine’s flowers, plants for pet parents (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Red tide warning issued for all 16 Sarasota County beaches (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Survey: Florida teens lack awareness about fentanyl dangers (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Red tide is low in Sarasota County, but beachgoers should remain cautious (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Red tide continues to plague Sarasota beaches (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Red Tide remains present in Sarasota beaches, DOH reports (WWSB - TV, Sarasota, FL) Feb 8, 2023

Over 100 Venomous Portuguese Man O’ War Wash Up on Florida Beach (Newsweek) Feb 8, 2023

DOH releases another red tide alert for toxic algae bloom along Lee County coast (New-Press - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 8, 2023

4.9 million Fabuloso bottles are recalled over the risk of bacteria contamination (NPR) Feb 8, 2023

Red tide continues to appear on Sanibel’s Tarpon Bay (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers) Feb 7, 2023

Red tide counts high at two beaches on Sanibel (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 7, 2023

What is fentanyl poisoning? These State of the Union guests lost their son to it (USA Today) Feb 7, 2023

Too many to test: Deadlier, harder to spot poison pills flood Indiana (WTHR - TV) Feb 7, 2023

What parents should know about fentanyl dangers (KDFW - TV) Feb 7, 2023

Health officials issue red tide alert for Lee County (Lehigh Acres Citizen) Feb 7, 2023

What is CBD? And what’s the deal with Delta 8? KSAT Explains (KSAT - TV) Feb 6, 2023

Health Alert: Poison control warns of dangers of ‘gas station heroin’ (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 6, 2023

Listeria concerns prompt recall of more than 400 sandwiches and other snacks (NBC News) Feb 6, 2023

Why you should avoid kava and 9 other risky dietary supplements (Washington Post) Feb 6, 2023

Fentanyl continues to kill in Sarasota-Manatee as Florida deaths rise (Herald-Tribune) Feb 6, 2023

Be aware of these common toxic plants, experts say (Levy County Citizen) Feb 6, 2023

THC-infused gummies present new problem for schools (WKTV - TV) Feb 6, 2023

Death, blindness, eye drops recall: bacterial infections in Florida, Texas, other states (Miami Herald) Feb 5, 2023

Opinion: After 15 years of reporting on opioids, I know this to be true (CNN) Feb 4, 2023

Recalled eczema cream for children has twice as much lead as lead paint (WXIN - TV) Feb 2, 2023

Red tide is improving around Tampa Bay and Anna Maria Island, but hangs on near South FL (Bradenton Herald) Feb 2, 2023

Tracking the opioid crisis: Inside the DEA’s secret lab (CNN) Feb 2, 2023

Drug, blood pressure medication recalls: Full list of FDA recalls since 2012 (USA Today) Feb 2, 2023

What is benzene, and why does it keep causing beauty product recalls? (Washington Post) Feb 1, 2023

If fentanyl is so deadly, why do drug dealers use it to lace illicit drugs? (ABC News) Feb 1, 2023

‘Digital fentanyl’: TikTok is ‘addicting’ for children, should be banned in schools, Florida official says (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Feb 1, 2023

Family shares fentanyl poisoning story to help others avoid heartache (WTVG - TV) Feb 1, 2023

Ethanol Poisoning in Cats: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatments ( Feb 1, 2023


2.5 million pounds of canned meat, poultry products recalled over contamination risks (WITN - TV) Jan 31, 2023

CDC warns that a brand of eyedrops may be linked to drug-resistant bacterial infections (NBC News) Jan 31, 2023

Red tide again staining Lee County waters, state health department issues advisory (News-Press) Jan 31, 2023

Here’s Why Tylenol—and Childen’s Tylenol in Particular—Is in Short Supply Right Now and What To Do if You’re Affected ( Jan 30, 2023

Why some cannabis advocates say we should stop infusing weed into candy (Salon) Jan 30, 2023

Red tide turning up in SWFL (WFTX - TV, Fort Meyers, FL) Jan 30, 2023

Boar’s Head brand among 52,000 pounds of Italian cold cuts recalled after listeria found (Miami Herald) Jan 30, 2023

Sausage Recall—Listeria Contamination Fears Over 50,000 Pounds of Meat (Newsweek) Jan 30, 2023

Sheriff: Social Media Has Worsened Fentanyl Crisis ( Jan 30, 2023

DEA making concerted effort to get fentanyl off the street (WFOR - TV, Miami, FL) Jan 30, 2023

Weber warns of ‘alarming 4500% rise in accidental ingestion of legalized recreational cannabis products by children’ ( Jan 30, 2023

U.S. surpassed a record 100,000 drug overdose deaths in 2021 (CBS News) Jan 29, 2023

Vending machines with lifesaving drug grow as opioid crisis rages in US ( Jan 29, 2023

Citizen scientists helping track red tide on Sanibel (WINK - TV, Fort Meyers) Jan 28, 2023

Toxic slimming pill drug DNP to be declared poison (BBC) Jan 28, 2023

More gas stoves recalled for risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (WFLA - TV, Tampa, FL) Jan 27, 2023

Mixing Vinegar and Bleach Can Be Deadly. Thousands Make This Mistake Every Year (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Jan 27, 2023

“Copycat” edibles make it tough to differentiate between everyday snacks and THC products (WPMI - TV - Pensacola, FL) Jan 27, 2023

I tried to clean my home — and nearly poisoned my family (New York Post) Jan 26, 2023

Popcorn, mini rice cakes recalled after a possibly ‘serious or life-threatening’ error (Miami Herald) Jan 26, 2023

This common cleaning mistake can release poisonous gas into your home in seconds (NBC News) Jan 26, 2023

New synthetic opioid complicates public health response to overdoses ( Jan 26, 2023

When to Call Poison Control ( Jan 26, 2023

9,400 pounds of fentanyl seized at US border during 3-month period (New York Post) Jan 25, 2023

The dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning (York News Times) Jan 25, 2023

Snapchat Reportedly Scrutinized By Authorities Over Role In Spreading Fentanyl ( Jan 25, 2023

N.J.-based company recalls hot chocolate due to this undeclared allergen ( Jan 25, 2023

Almondy is Initiating a Recall of a Limited Quantity of Almondy Chocolate Cake with Daim 14.1oz (USA Today) Jan 25, 2023

Chocolate-Covered Cashews and Almonds Recalled Due to Undeclared Peanut Allergen (Parade) Jan 24, 2023

Pretty but toxic: Watch toddlers around these houseplants (Bay News 9) Jan 24, 2023

Study shows more kids dying from fentanyl. Florida offers a toolkit to help parents (WUSF - FM, Tampa, FL) Jan 24, 2023

As Opioid Deaths Rise Among Teens, Too Few Youth Get Anti-Addiction Drug ( Jan 24, 2023

Xylazine, an animal tranquilizer, is a new threat in the opioid epidemic: What we know (USA Today) Jan 24, 2023

Supplements You Shouldn’t Take With These 4 Medications (CNET) Jan 24, 2023

Red tide bloom lingers ( Jan 24, 2023

Ashley Moody Warns Parents About Illicit Fentanyl as Study Shows Children Under 14 Dying at Fast Rate ( Jan 23, 2023

Florida Showdown: Who Emerges Victorious in a Rattlesnake vs. Python Battle? ( Jan 23, 2023

Blue-green algae found in Lake Ola (The Apopka Voice) Jan 22, 2023

Red tide levels in Tampa Bay area drop in latest report (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Jan 20, 2023

Easing prescription rules for opioid treatment meds did not increase overdose deaths, study finds (CBS News) Jan 20, 2023

Their children died of fentanyl poisoning. Here’s what they wish more people knew (NBC News) Jan 20, 2023

Meguiar’s Recalls 140K Units Of Headlight Sealant Sold At Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Walmart ( Jan 20, 2023

Red tide causing reports of ‘Drunk’ birds on SWFL beaches (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jan 19, 2023

Enoki Mushrooms Recalled Nationwide Due to Listeria Contamination ( Jan 19, 2023

US Ketamine Poisonings Up 81% ( Jan 19, 2023

AG Ashley Moody warns that fentanyl vapes are latest threat to Florida youth ( Jan 19, 2023

Recent cold fronts were good news for Tampa Bay’s red tide situation. At least for now. (Tampa Bay Times) Jan 18, 2023

Des Moines parents warn about dangers of fentanyl following their son’s death (KCCI - TV) Jan 17, 2023

I’m a food safety scientist. Here are 8 things I never do in the kitchen (Yahoo) Jan 17, 2023

Nurses from New Rochelle HS recognized for saving student with Narcan (News12) Jan 17, 2023

Got Leftover Rice Languishing in Your Fridge? Dump It. Here’s Why (CNET) Jan 17, 2023

Welcome to Zombieland: Medic reveals devastating impact of ‘tranq’ on Philly – as the animal tranquilizer floods city’s opioid supply and leaves addicts with open gaping wounds and unable to walk ( Jan 17, 2023

New product being tested may help people quit vaping (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 17, 2023

Fullei Fresh Issues Correction on Alfalfa Sprout Recall Because of Possible Health Risk (FDA.GOV) Jan 17, 2023

‘Most dangerous snakes’ among nearly 200 illegally trafficked in Florida, officials say ( Jan 13, 2023

Medium concentrations of red tide continue to be found near mouth of Tampa Bay (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Jan 13, 2023

Kids under 14 are dying of fentanyl poisoning faster than any other age group: analysis (FOX News) Jan 13, 2023

Naloxone is reaching more people than ever (CNN) Jan 13, 2023

Preventing carbon monoxide exposure in your home (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 13, 2023

Lawsuit filed against Snapchat for Thornton fentanyl death (KDVR - TV) Jan 12, 2023

Brunswick child care center closed following carbon monoxide exposure, mold issues (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 12, 2023

How to safely dispose of old medications, according to experts (Washington Post) Jan 12, 2023

Pot-related ER visits among elderly Californians explode by 1,800% since 2005 (New York Post) Jan 11, 2023

Florida lawmakers look to regulate Kratom (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 11, 2023

Health officials urge caution as some Kentucky gas stations sell potentially harmful pills (Spectrum News 1) Jan 11, 2023

Surging opioid overdoses prompt more Americans to carry Narcan spray ( Jan 11, 2023

Red tide is on the move in Florida. What to know about the toxic bloom along the coast (Miami Herald) Jan 10, 2023

Cary mom calls for safer labels after son is accidentally poisoned (WRAL - TV) Jan 9, 2023

Animal sedative ‘zombie drug’ flooding opioid market: What you need to know (KSAZ - TV) Jan 9, 2023

‘Gas station heroin’ is being sold legally as a dietary supplement. Here’s what you should know ( Jan 9, 2023

What to know about xylazine, the sedative contaminating Philadelphia’s opioid supply (Philadelphia Inquirer) Jan 9, 2023

Red tide status in Sarasota, Manatee counties (Observer) Jan 8, 2023

A new study found kids consuming cannabis at astronomical rates — because the packaging looks so yummy ( Jan 8, 2023

Bless you: Red tide can make dolphins ‘cough’ and ‘sneeze’ (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Jan 8, 2023

Tranq Dope: Animal Sedative Mixed With Fentanyl Brings Fresh Horror to U.S. Drug Zones (New York Times) Jan 7, 2023


Doctors warn of cold, flu medicine overdoses in children (News Nation) Jan 6, 2023

Red tide bloom worsens at Anna Maria Island beaches with ‘intense’ irritation, dead fish (Bradenton Herald) Jan 6, 2023

Suspect straps nearly 20,000 fentanyl pills to legs at Arizona-Mexico border ( Jan 5, 2023

Arizona poison centers urge caution with generic children’s fever, pain relievers ( Jan 5, 2023

“It’s Really Like Poison,” Former Drug Enforcement Agent Says of Fentanyl ( Jan 5, 2023

15 busted in Jacksonville drug sting (WJCT - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 4, 2023

Health alert issued for Georges Lake (Palatka Daily News) Jan 4, 2023

Consumer Reports: Cook but don’t touch — how to avoid food poisoning (WLOS - TV) Jan 3, 2023

Is red tide still an issue in the Tampa Bay area? Here’s what to know this week (Tampa Bay Times) Jan 3, 2023

As legal pot grows, more kids sickened by edibles at home (Bay News 9) Jan 3, 2023

Number of young children who accidentally ate cannabis edibles jumped 1,375% in five years, study finds (CNN) Jan 3, 2023

Unprecedented NY flood of fentanyl causing ‘heartbreaking’ loss (New York Post) Jan 2, 2023

2022’s most memorable recalls: Are they still in your home? (Fox News) Jan 1, 2023

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