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Current Job Openings
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Florida Poison Information Center – Miami

Candidates interested in possible job openings at the Florida Poison Information Center – Miami can visit Jackson Memorial Hospital or email Eva Jerez, BA at

Florida Poison Information Center – Tampa

Candidates interested in possible job openings at the Florida Poison Information Center – Tampa can email Jemima D. Desir Dougé, MD, MBA at

Florida Poison Information Center – Jacksonville

Clinical Toxicology/Emergency Medicine 2-year Fellowship Program
The Florida/USVI Poison Information Center-Jacksonville offers a 2-year Clinical Toxicology/Emergency Medicine Fellowship for Pharmacists. We accept one fellow each year, as we have two positions that are staggered in enrollment. This program is specifically for PharmD graduates who have a significant interest in Toxicology and Emergency Medicine.  Although new PharmD graduates are welcome to apply, those applicants with a pharmacy residency are given preference during the selection process. Of our fellowship graduates, approximately 50% have had a PGY1 residency prior to starting.

Download our fellowship brochure for more information on the program.

The deadline for receipt of applications is January 10th.

The application packet MUST include:

  • Completed application cover page (Download Application Cover Page)
  • Current transcript from your college mailed/emailed directly to Poison Center
  • Three letters of recommendation. These can be emailed directly to Dr. Sollee. At least two of the letters should be obtained from rotation preceptors. (Download Recommendation Form)
  • A personal letter of interest from the applicant stating reasons for the fellowship quest, long term goals, and reasons you should be considered for this position.

Applications will be reviewed and some applicants will be invited to attend an onsite, two-day interview.  This program does not participate in the ASHP Residency Match program.  However, our decision is often made prior to the deadline imposed for acceptance in the ASHP Match.

For more information, please contact Dawn Sollee, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT at

Other Job Openings
Candidates interested in possible job openings at the Florida/USVI Poison Information Center – Jacksonville can email Dawn Sollee, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT at


What is a SPI and CSPI?

A Specialist in Poison Information (SPI) is a specially trained nurse, pharmacist, physician, or physician assistant employed by a regional poison center. These specialists have the knowledge and experience to assess, triage, manage, and monitor toxic exposures using the latest computerized, comprehensive poison assessment and management techniques after undergoing an intensive training in the field of toxicology during their first year of employment. Each specialist must successfully pass a national certification exam after working 2,000 hours in a poison center and handling 2,000 exposures, therefore certifying him/her as a Certified Poison Information Specialist (CPIS). Certified Specialists in Poison Information must re-certify their status by examination every seven years thereafter.

Poison Information Specialists are responsible for answering calls from the public and health care professionals regarding poisoning exposures, poison information, and other poison-related topics. Poison Information Specialists use available resources to provide treatment recommendations and/or triage to a health care facility as well as, contributing to the poison center’s data collection system, provide education for both the general public and health care professionals, and assist in research projects.

The selection criteria for the position of a Poison Information Specialist are as follows: 

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a degree in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Physician Assistant is required. 
  • Possession of a current State of Florida license (required only for Nurses, Pharmacists and Physician Assistants). 
  • A current State of Florida license is not required for applicants who have graduated from an accredited college or university with a degree in Medicine.
  • Physician Assistants must also be nationally certified (PA-C) with a minimum of one year of experience in an emergency department or critical care unit; two years of experience in pediatrics is preferred.