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Florida’s poison control centers’ subject matter experts are often featured in the news about emerging poisoning hazards or cases of poisoning in the community. Our poison control centers welcome every opportunity to reach the public through digital, written or visual media, as well as in-person educational opportunities like health fairs, presentations or speaking engagements.

While these articles provide helpful information, remember: in a poisoning emergency, call the experts at 1-800-222-1222, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are fast, free and confidential. Save the number in your phone for quick access.


8 things to know about the drug known as ‘gas station heroin’ (NPR) Jul 14, 2024

ER visits tied to carbon monoxide poisoning spiked in first four days after Beryl ( Jul 12, 2024

Mom, 44, attacked by pack of venomous spiders while cleaning as she’s left in eye patch with disturbing injuries (The U.S. Sun) Jul 12, 2024

Harmful blue-green algae toxins found in part of St. Johns River, Department of Health warns (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 12, 2024

Muffin Recall Updated Nationwide As FDA Sets Risk Level (Newsweek) Jul 12, 2024

Cottonmouth snakes: Facts about water moccasins ( Jul 12, 2024

Full List of Food Recalls in June as Warnings Issued Nationwide (Newsweek) Jul 11, 2024

Lawsuit filed in case of teen who died after eating spicy chip as part of online challenge (WHEC - TV) Jul 11, 2024

Multiple children hospitalized in Diamond Shruumz poisonings, as cases mount (CBS News) Jul 10, 2024

Footlong cane toad removed from Marco Island homeowner’s backyard (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jul 10, 2024

South Florida teens hospitalized: Overdoses on LSD-laced magic mushrooms on the rise (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jul 9, 2024

Stimulant users caught up in fatal ‘fourth wave’ of opioid epidemic (NPR) Jul 9, 2024

Planning a summer picnic? Consumer Reports experts have tips to keep food poisoning off the menu (WTVF - TV) Jul 9, 2024

Over 2,000 pounds of Al-Safa frozen chicken products recalled for listeria risk (USA Today) Jul 8, 2024

Yes, there are safety concerns with buying knockoff weight-loss drugs (WHAS - TV) Jul 8, 2024

Mushroom chocolates, gummies recalled across multiple states linked to hospitalizations, illness (ABC News) Jul 8, 2024

Chicken Recall Nationwide as Warning Issued to Customers (Newsweek) Jul 8, 2024

Chia seeds recalled as FDA issues highest possible risk level (FOX Business) Jul 6, 2024

Chia Seed Recall Update As FDA Issues Highest Risk Level (Newsweek) Jul 5, 2024

Cucumber Recall Update As Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Untreated Water (Newsweek) Jul 4, 2024

Untreated water used by Florida cucumber grower tied to salmonella outbreak (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL) Jul 3, 2024

‘Spiked’ drinks almost identical to originals making it easier for kids to accidentally drink (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 3, 2024

Are you at risk for dengue? Are Miami mosquitoes a danger? Here are the warning signs (Miami Herald) Jul 3, 2024


Boynton Beach cucumber grower is one likely source of salmonella food poisoning (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jul 2, 2024

FDA announces death in probe of recalled microdosing candies (CBS News) Jul 2, 2024

Poison control expert warns of increase in alcohol-related incidents involving children (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jul 2, 2024

Full List of Pet Food Recalls as Warnings Issued to Customers (Newsweek) Jul 2, 2024

FDA investigating a death possibly linked to recalled mushroom-infused chocolates and gummies (NBC News) Jul 2, 2024

Multiple pet food recalls this week spark fears of bacterial infections: Avoid these products for dogs, cats and hedgehogs ( Jul 2, 2024


These Beaches Have The Most Jellyfish Encounters In The US ( Jun 30, 2024

FDA recalls mushroom-infused ‘microdosing’ chocolate bars after hospitalizations (FOX Business) Jun 29, 2024

Blue-green algae toxin reported in Lake George; Volusia health department issues warning (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) Jun 29, 2024

2 medications from 1 manufacturer recalled for a failure that can cause heart attacks (Miami Herald) Jun 29, 2024

Enjoy the beach this summer, but beware the sting of the jellyfish (USA Today) Jun 29, 2024

Sandwich Recall Map Shows 14 States Impacted by Health Warning (Newsweek) Jun 28, 2024

Stringray sends local woman to E.R. — twice (WJW) Jun 27, 2024

Beware Of Blue-Green Algae In Polk County Lakes: Lake Conine And Lake Van (Tampa Free Press) Jun 27, 2024

Flooding increases the risk of running into a venomous snake in South Florida, expert says (WPLG - TV - Miami,  FL) Jun 26, 2024

Snapchill canned coffee recalled in the US over botulism fears (CNN) Jun 26, 2024

More than 60 ice cream products recalled over possible listeria contamination (NPR) Jun 26, 2024

Hershey’s, Friendly’s ice cream among brands recalled over listeria risk (The Washington Post) Jun 26, 2024

Blue-Green Algae Alert for Caloosahatchee River (Florida Weekly Fort Myers Edition) Jun 26, 2024

Ice cream products from multiple brands recalled due to potential listeria contamination: FDA (ABC News) Jun 25, 2024

Coffee recall: See full list of products impacted by Snapchill’s canned coffee drink recall (USA Today) Jun 24, 2024

Marijuana Overdoses Are Rising Among The Elderly (Forbes) Jun 24, 2024

Dog Treat Recall Prompts Nationwide Warning to Pet Owners (Newsweek) Jun 24, 2024

Texas Seizes Enough Fentanyl To Kill Everyone In ‘US And Mexico Combined’ (Newsweek) Jun 22, 2024

Bahia Beach in Ruskin isn’t safe for swimming, health department says (Tampa Bay Times) Jun 22, 2024

Coffee Recalled Over Fatal Poisoning Fears (Newsweek) Jun 21, 2024

A Vape Pen, a Fall and a Question That Won’t Go Away: Why Did Nico Die? (New York Times) Jun 21, 2024

Health Alert issued for algae blooms in Cape Coral waterways (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 21, 2024

Edible cannabis consumption increases among little kids, Illinois Poison Center reports (Chicago Tribune) Jun 21, 2024

Blue-green algae reported in a Cape Coral canal (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 21, 2024

DEA seizes 570,000 fentanyl pills from Colorado in 1 week (CBS News) Jun 20, 2024

‘I lost my daughter to fentanyl’: Parents tell their pain-filled stories at Florida summit amid ‘social health crisis’ (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 20, 2024

4 charged in fentanyl overdose death of USF student (WTVT - TV - Tampa, Fl) Jun 20, 2024

How To Treat FL Jellyfish Stings: ‘Don’t Let Your Friends Pee On You’ ( Jun 20, 2024

7-month-old rescued after suspected fentanyl overdose at Spring Park apartment complex (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 19, 2024

Florida officials renew warning over ‘gas station heroin’ (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Jun 19, 2024

FDA and CDC investigate illnesses linked to Diamond Shruumz chocolate bars (KIRO - TV) Jun 18, 2024

Produce brand sold at Publix recalled due to potential salmonella contamination ( Jun 18, 2024

This is the biggest serious food recall of 2024 so far ( Jun 18, 2024

How Long Does Rice Last in the Fridge? And Other Pressing Rice Questions, Answered (New York Times) Jun 17, 2024

Inside Snapchat’s Teen Opioid Crisis (Rolling Stone) Jun 16, 2024

Cucumber Recall Update As FDA Sets Highest Risk Level (Newsweek) Jun 16, 2024

Cookie dough sold at Costco, Sam’s Club recalled due to salmonella risk (Fox Business) Jun 15, 2024

Red Tide Status Update: 6/14/24 (The Bradenton Times) Jun 15, 2024

Rainy weather brings toxic cane toads — how to keep your pets safe from the lethal invaders (New York Post) Jun 14, 2024

A warning about ‘knock-off’ weight loss drugs: HealthLink (KING - TV) Jun 14, 2024

FDA, CDC continue to investigate salmonella outbreaks likely tied to cucumbers (USA Today) Jun 14, 2024

Rainy weather brings toxic cane toads. How to keep your pets safe from invasive species (Naples Daily News) Jun 14, 2024

Calls to US poison centers spiked after ‘magic mushrooms’ were decriminalized ( Jun 14, 2024

Rainy weather brings toxic cane toads — how to keep your pets safe from the lethal invaders (New York Post) Jun 14, 2024

Cucumber Recall Update as FDA Reveals Hospitalizations, Map (Newsweek) Jun 14, 2024

What to Know About Medetomidine and Drug Overdoses ( Jun 14, 2024

Sunscreen foundation recalled due to possible mold contamination (CNN) Jun 13, 2024

10-year-old gamer saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning (WOIO - TV - Cleveland, OH) Jun 13, 2024

Sunscreen Recall Prompts Nationwide Warning (Newsweek) Jun 13, 2024

These foods are the most likely to make you sick (The Atlanta Journal Constitution) Jun 13, 2024

ECSO closes drug house with enough fentanyl to kill 1.5 million people (Pensacola News Journal) Jun 13, 2024

Warning: Doctors Lake has blue-green algae that can be toxic (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 13, 2024

How to avoid food poisoning from shopping at the farmers market (New York Post) Jun 13, 2024

Seasoning Recall Update as FDA Sets Most Severe Level (Newsweek) Jun 13, 2024

DOH-Orange Issues Blue-Green Algae Health Alert For Lake Arnold and Lake Roberts (W. of Center) ( Jun 13, 2024

Florida DOH-Polk Cautions Residents About Blue-Green Algae At Multiple Lakes (Tampa Free Press) Jun 13, 2024

‘Super Mario’ street drug bags with compound 100 times stronger than fentanyl detected in this state (Scripps News) Jun 12, 2024

‘Never even saw him’: Central Florida woman nearly dies after being bitten by enormous snake (WOFL - TV - Orlando, FL) Jun 12, 2024

CDC warns of severe illnesses linked to mushroom chocolates and gummies (NBC News) Jun 12, 2024

FDA: Recalled Florida cucumbers with salmonella might not be linked to outbreaks after all (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) Jun 12, 2024

Magnetic Chess Games Recalled Due to Ingestion Hazard; Violation of Federal Regulations for Toy Magnets; Sold Exclusively on through Outad Good Life (USA Today) Jun 12, 2024

Drug shortages hit highest number since 2001, impacting patients, hospitals and pharmacies (KIRO - TV) Jun 11, 2024

Blue-green algae shuts down Polk County business for weeks (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL) Jun 11, 2024

NY college freshman, 19, dies after taking just one Percocet — which was really fentanyl (New York Post) Jun 11, 2024

DOH-Martin County: Blue-Green Algae Caution Issued for Two Locations Now Being Tested for the Possible Presence of Toxins (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) Jun 11, 2024

More People — Including Children — Are Being Intentionally Poisoned in the U.S. ( Jun 11, 2024

Candy Recalled Nationwide: Full List of Impacted Stores (Newsweek) Jun 11, 2024

What are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning? Here’s how to prevent it in your home (Austin American-Statesman) Jun 11, 2024

NY family loses daughter to fentanyl overdose after taking 1 pill (FOX News) Jun 11, 2024

Cases of Kratom-Induced Hyperpigmentation Emerging (Medscape) Jun 11, 2024

FDA issues warning about paralytic shellfish poisoning. Here’s what to know. (CBS News) Jun 10, 2024

Dozens of CVS Generic Drug Recalls Expose Link to Tainted Factories (Bloomberg) Jun 10, 2024

What is medetomidine? (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Jun 10, 2024

F.D.A. Warns Against ‘Microdosing’ Mushroom Chocolate Bars (New York Times) Jun 10, 2024

Florida produce company recalls product sold only at Publix after finding salmonella (Miami Herald) Jun 9, 2024

Intentional poisoning deaths in the USA are up 234% ( Jun 9, 2024

A dangerous new animal sedative is making its way into the illegal drug supply (NBC News) Jun 7, 2024

Where is the red tide? (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Jun 6, 2024

Blue-green algae detected at Lake Toho (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Jun 6, 2024

Joro spiders haven’t been spotted in Florida yet. Here’s the venomous bugs to worry about (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) Jun 6, 2024

Can Joro spiders bite? A guide to the giant spiders headed for the East Coast this summer. (USA Today) Jun 5, 2024

Are joro spiders headed to Florida? Probably, but they’re not as scary as they sound (Pensacola News Journal) Jun 5, 2024

US, Florida overdose fatalities fall but deaths still at ‘historical high’ (Tampa Bay Times) Jun 5, 2024

Opioid Deaths May Have Peaked: Demand-Side Policies Could Be Working (Forbes) Jun 5, 2024

Cream Cheese Recall Update as FDA Sets Risk Level (Newsweek) Jun 5, 2024

Treasure Coast residents, agencies struggle with fentanyl, opioids (TCPalm) Jun 5, 2024

Overall Calls to Poison Centers Are Declining, But Serious Cases Are Increasing ( Jun 5, 2024

What a new DEA report says about dangerous drugs, guns and children taking edibles (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 4, 2024

Is this silent killer in your home? These are the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning (Miami Herald) Jun 4, 2024

Carbon monoxide hospitalizes 22 condo residents, fire rescue says. Gas boiler leak source (Miami Herald) Jun 4, 2024

DOH-Orange Cautions About Blue-Green Algae at Lake Rowena ( Jun 4, 2024

Spice Recall Sparks Salmonella Warning (Newsweek) Jun 3, 2024

Philadelphia health officials issue alert over potent sedative called “rhino tranq” found in illicit drug supply (CBS News) Jun 3, 2024

Gangs mix another potent sedative into U.S. street drugs causing ‘mass overdoses’ (NPR) Jun 3, 2024

Map shows states affected by recalled cucumbers potentially contaminated with salmonella (USA Today) Jun 3, 2024

Cucumbers shipped to 14 states recalled over Salmonella concerns (NBC News) Jun 3, 2024

Deadly dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from generators (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jun 3, 2024

Cucumbers in 14 states recalled over potential Salmonella contamination (USA Today) Jun 2, 2024


Flagler health alert: Harmful blue-green algae toxins found in Dead Lake (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) May 31, 2024

About 1 in 3 Americans have lost someone to a drug overdose, new study finds (CBS News) May 31, 2024

Blue-green algae health alert issued in Indian River County (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) May 31, 2024

New ‘zombie drug’ causing overdoses across US (NewsNation) May 30, 2024

Nationwide Pie Recall Update As FDA Sets Risk Level (Newsweek) May 30, 2024

Yogurt Recall Update as FDA Sets Risk Level (Newsweek) May 30, 2024

Nearly 1.9 million Fiji water bottles sold through Amazon recalled over bacteria, manganese (USA Today) May 29, 2024

Gangs mix another potent sedative into U.S. street drugs causing ‘mass overdoses’ (WMFE - FM - Orlando, FL) May 29, 2024

DOH-Volusia issues blue-green algae health alert for Lorraine Lake (The West Volusia Beacon) May 29, 2024

U.S. overdose deaths decline for first time since 2018; Florida deaths down 8.5% (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) May 28, 2024

No, you can’t smell fentanyl ( May 28, 2024

New ‘zombie’ street drug that’s ‘even MORE deadly than xylazine’ is causing overdoses across America (The Daily Mail) May 28, 2024

Nationwide Spice Recall Update as FDA Issues Concern Level (Newsweek) May 28, 2024

The threat of boating-related CO poisoning (The Newberry Observe) May 28, 2024

Baby Formula Recall: Full List of Products Under Warning (Newsweek) May 27, 2024

Nationwide Water Recall Update as FDA Issues Level of Concern (Newsweek) May 27, 2024

Health alert for blue-green algae called off; a new advisory issued (WGCU - FM -  Fort Meyers, FL) May 26, 2024

Health department warning of blue-green algae bloom in West Palm area (The Palm Beach Post) May 25, 2024

Blue-green algae health alert issued for Lake Okeechobee in Martin County (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) May 24, 2024

The ASPCA received calls about pets being exposed to more than 350,000 toxins in 2023. Here’s how to keep yours safe. ( May 24, 2024

Possible red tide appearing in SWFL may impact beachgoers (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) May 24, 2024

1 in 9 children now diagnosed with this ‘expanding health concern’ (New York Post) May 23, 2024

Cannabis Tops Alcohol as Americans’ Daily Drug of Choice (The New York Times) May 23, 2024

Disoriented pelican found on Marco Island may have red tide poisoning, experts say (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) May 22, 2024

Dramatic rise in fentanyl-laced pills seized in Florida, study finds (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) May 22, 2024

Fentanyl is fueling a record number of youth drug deaths (The Washington Post) May 22, 2024

Florida Pet Owners Warned of Invasive Toad: ‘Highly Toxic’ (Newsweek) May 21, 2024

Utah fifth grader unknowingly brings THC gummies to school, shares with kids at recess (The Salt Lake Tribune) May 21, 2024

College Students Are Getting Blackout Drunk on ‘BORG’ Drinks — Why the Gen-Z Trend Is So Dangerous (People) May 21, 2024

Pediatric exposures to synthetic THC increased by 132% in 2 years ( May 21, 2024

Hospital Visits For Cannabis Poisoning Tripled Among Seniors After Canada Legalization, Study Finds (Forbes) May 21, 2024

Doctors see increase in youth admitted to hospitals due to THC poisoning (WBIR - TV) May 21, 2024

Heading to beach for Memorial Day weekend? Check water quality near Daytona Beach (The Daytona Beach News-Journal) May 21, 2024

Pet Food Recalls Are Rising as More Warnings Issued (Newsweek) May 21, 2024

Cannabis poisonings among older adults have tripled, study finds (CNN) May 20, 2024

Hospital Visits For Cannabis Poisoning Tripled Among Seniors After Canada Legalization, Study Finds (Forbes) May 20, 2024

Preventing fentanyl overdoses in children (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 20, 2024

Pasta Salad Recall as Warning Issued to Customers (Newsweek) May 20, 2024

What is BORG drinking, and why is it a dangerous trend? An expert explains (CNN) May 20, 2024

Legalized Weed Is Landing More Seniors in the E.R. (The New York Times) May 20, 2024

Food Recall List: All Items Removed This Month (Newsweek) May 19, 2024

Houston storm death: Man possibly died from carbon dioxide poisoning, Houston OEM says (KRIV - TV) May 18, 2024

Federal data show a 2,326% increase in fentanyl pill seizures. Local experts see a similar trend. (Post-Gazette) May 18, 2024

How poison-related injuries become common following tornadoes, hurricanes (FOX Weather) May 18, 2024

Candy Recalled As Dire Warning Issued (Newsweek) May 18, 2024

Philly health officials detect a veterinary sedative more powerful than xylazine in drug samples (The Philadelphia Inquirer) May 18, 2024

Nearly 900K Yogi tea bags voluntarily recalled for elevated levels of pesticide residue (ABC News) May 17, 2024

Nitazenes: The ‘New Fentanyl’ Killing Drug Users in Europe (Vice News) May 17, 2024

DOH-Okeechobee Has Issued a Blue-Green Algae Health Alert for Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) May 17, 2024

Health alert issued for blue-green algae in Lake Okeechobee (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) May 17, 2024

‘It can happen to you’: Billboards in Northwest Florida warn of fentanyl’s deadly impact (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL) May 16, 2024

Teen dead after Paqui ‘One Chip Challenge’ chip died of high chili consumption and heart defect: autopsy (New York Post) May 16, 2024

Walmart chia seeds sold nationwide recalled due to salmonella (CBS News) May 16, 2024

Teen died from eating a spicy chip as part of social media challenge, autopsy report concludes (The Morning Call) May 16, 2024

Cheese Recall Map Shows Multiple States Impacted: ‘Discard it Immediately’ (Newsweek) May 16, 2024

Nearly 900,000 popular ‘immune support’ tea bags recalled due to possible pesticide contamination (CNN) May 16, 2024

Florida DOH-Hillsborough Issues Blue-Green Algae Health Alert At Lake Thonotosassa (Tampa Free Press) May 16, 2024

As injectable weight loss medications rise in popularity, so does unintentional misuse (WMAQ - TV) May 15, 2024

Overdose deaths in 2023 fell for the first time since the pandemic (Axios) May 15, 2024

Scientists discover new species of giant jellyfish lurking in Florida waters (Daily Mail) May 15, 2024

Aldi, Hy-Vee cream cheese recalled due to risk of salmonella (CNN) May 15, 2024

Walgreens to offer its own cheaper version of opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone (CNBC) May 15, 2024

This Toy Is Shockingly Dangerous And Available Everywhere (Huffington Post) May 15, 2024

Drug overdose deaths fell for first time in five years, though still exceeded 100,000 (Stat) May 15, 2024

Kano Laboratories Recalls Super Lube® Products Due to Risk of Poisoning; Violation of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (USA Today) May 15, 2024

DEA deems fentanyl the deadliest drug threat US has ever faced (WMUR - TV) May 14, 2024

8 teens taken to hospital after ingesting marijuana edibles during school field trip: Authorities (ABC News) May 14, 2024

The Venomous Gila Monster Isn’t As Scary As You Might Think ( May 14, 2024

Melatonin is sending children to the ER; Portland doctor warns parents to be cautious ( May 14, 2024

Cream cheese recalled over salmonella concerns sold at Aldi, Hy-Vee (ABC News) May 14, 2024

Recalled cream cheese spreads sold at Aldi (USA Today) May 14, 2024

Chia Seed Recall Sparks Nationwide Warning (Newsweek) May 13, 2024

‘Large’ sea creature — with ‘unique’ tentacles — discovered as new species in Florida (Miami Herald) May 13, 2024

Can Allergy Medicines be Dangerous? (Newswise) May 13, 2024

Counterfeit fentanyl pills are becoming a lot more common in law enforcement seizures (NPR) May 13, 2024

Want To Avoid Food Poisoning? Skip These Items At Your Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet (Huffington Post) May 13, 2024

Seizures of illicit fentanyl pills have surged (Axios) May 13, 2024

10 Most Dangerous Plants In Florida ( May 13, 2024

Pediatric Video Tutorial: Post-Disaster Poisoning ( May 13, 2024

What’s Going On With Tranq? ( May 12, 2024

Calls to poison centers for fentanyl exposure in kids increased nearly 54-fold since 2016 (ABC News) May 10, 2024

Recalled candy sold at Walmart, Target, Dollar General and Hy-vee might have salmonella (Miami Herald) May 9, 2024

More than 321,000 children in the U.S. lost a parent to overdose in just 10 years, study finds (CBS News) May 8, 2024

Recall Sparks Nationwide Warning for Dog Owners (Newsweek) May 8, 2024

Martinelli’s recalls nearly 25,000 cases of apple juice due to ‘elevated’ arsenic levels (NBC News) May 8, 2024

Fifth blue-green algae health alert issued for Caloosahatchee River (WGCU - FM - Fort Meyers, FL) May 8, 2024

Martin Health Issues Caution About Large Blue-Green Algae Bloom on Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) May 8, 2024

Blue-green algae found in Deer Point Lake (WMBB - TV - Panama City, FL) May 8, 2024

White coated candy shipped nationwide recalled over salmonella contamination concerns (USA Today) May 7, 2024

Special operation results in seizure of ‘enough fentanyl to kill every person in the city of Tampa four times’ (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) May 7, 2024

Almost all counterfeit oxycontin pills contain fentanyl, finds study ( May 7, 2024

E. Coli Has Been Found in Ground Beef and Walnuts. Here’s What to Know. (New York Times) May 7, 2024

White-coated candy recalled nationwide over salmonella risk (CBS News) May 6, 2024

Hormel recalls Planters nuts products in 5 states over listeria concerns (The Hill) May 6, 2024

Planters nuts recalled after discovery of potentially fatal contamination (New York Post) May 6, 2024

More than 16,000 pounds of ground beef sold at Walmart recalled over E. coli risk (NPR) May 4, 2024

Would recreational marijuana in Florida lead to increased exposure among children? (WPTV - West Palm Beach, FL) May 3, 2024

Glowing sea creature with 15 tentacles found off Florida coast. It’s a new species (Miami Herald) May 3, 2024

Sargassum plumes return to the Treasure Coast (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) May 2, 2024

High stakes: The dangers of cannabis for children (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) May 2, 2024

Beef Recall as Dire Warning Issued (Newsweek) May 2, 2024

16,000 pounds of ground beef recalled nationwide over E. coli concerns (The Hill) May 1, 2024

Martinelli’s apple juice recalled over high arsenic levels, sold at Whole Foods, Kroger and more (Good Morning America) May 1, 2024

Caterpillar chaos on the University of Florida campus (Gainesville Sun) May 1, 2024

‘Deadly batch’ of opioids suspected in a sudden outbreak of overdoses in Austin, Texas (CNN) May 1, 2024

Walmart ground beef recalled for potential E. Coli contamination, 16,000 pounds affected (USA Today) May 1, 2024


Former Hillsborough principal warns of opioid dangers after losing only child to overdose (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 30, 2024

DEA warns over growing prevalence of xylazine in illicit fentanyl supply ( Apr 30, 2024

Eight dead, over 50 affected, in largest Austin opioid overdose outbreak in years (Austin America-Statesman) Apr 30, 2024

Recall alert: Over 80,000 pounds of prosciutto recalled from Lincoln Park firm ( Apr 30, 2024

Changes coming to melatonin gummies amid overdoses (KOAT - TV) Apr 30, 2024

Apple juice lot recalled due to high arsenic levels; product sold at Publix, Kroger, more (USA Today) Apr 30, 2024

Florida rain expected to surge invasive Cuban tree frog breeding (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 30, 2024

Seaweed season in Florida: Photos, videos show gross brown blob that is sargassum (The Palm Beach Post) Apr 30, 2024

Over 80,000 pounds of deli meat recalled across multiple states due to lacking inspection (USA Today) Apr 29, 2024

Florida officials monitor over 30% increase in wildlife calls (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL) Apr 29, 2024

Toledo police say 1-year-old hospitalized after possibly eating marijuana edibles (WTOL - TV) Apr 29, 2024

Recall alert: Martinelli’s Apple Juice recalled over arsenic concerns (WPLG - TV - Miami, FL) Apr 29, 2024

Thousands of frozen pizzas sold at Walmart recalled over deadly allergen risk (New York Post) Apr 29, 2024

Publix posts a recall of apple juice also sold by others. Testing found too much arsenic (Miami Herald) Apr 29, 2024

Multiple babies overdosing on fentanyl in Washington (KTVU - TV) Apr 28, 2024

Red Tide Status Update: 4/26/24 (The Bradenton Times) Apr 26, 2024

A new button battery dyes kids’ mouths blue if swallowed ( Apr 26, 2024

USDA tells poultry producers to reduce salmonella in certain chicken products to help prevent food poisoning (Fortune) Apr 26, 2024

Grady Judd: 4 people arrested in ‘largest fentanyl seizure’ in Polk County history (WTVT - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 26, 2024


Saturday: Prescription Take Back Day could save a life (WOKV - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 25, 2024

Ham Recall in Eight States as Warning Issued (Newsweek) Apr 25, 2024

Multiple Blue-Green Algae Alerts Issued For Polk County (Tampa Free Press) Apr 25, 2024

Are Weight Loss Drugs Safe During Pregnancy? (verywellhealth) Apr 25, 2024

20,000 fentanyl pills seized in largest drug bust in Martin County history (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Apr 24, 2024

What It Means To Be Poisonous vs. Venomous ( Apr 24, 2024

6.5 million metric tons of sargassum is heading toward Florida again. What to know (Pensacola News Journal) Apr 23, 2024

More organic herbs recalled by Miami company because they might have salmonella (Miami Herald) Apr 22, 2024

Just 1 in 7 college students knows how to administer naloxone for fentanyl overdose (UPI) Apr 22, 2024

Public health alert issued over ground beef that may be contaminated with E. coli (USA Today) Apr 22, 2024

Nationwide health alert issued for ground beef over potential E. coli risk (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 21, 2024

Nationwide health alert issued for ground beef over potential E. coli risk (News Nation) Apr 21, 2024

Melatonin industry asked to tighten standards after spike in child ER visits (KSAZ - TV) Apr 21, 2024

Health alert issued due to presence of blue-green algae blooms in Caloosahatchee (WINK -  TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 21, 2024

Salmonella Outbreak Sparks Recall Expansion Amid Threat-to-Life Warning (Newsweek) Apr 20, 2024

Buying delta-8 THC on 4/20? Maybe know these facts about ‘diet weed’ first ( Apr 20, 2024

Weed Recall Map Shows States Where Urgent Warnings Not to Use Issued (Newsweek) Apr 20, 2024

Medical marijuana initiative at FAMU hosts forums on campus about cannabis in Florida (Tallahassee Democrat) Apr 19, 2024

Florida Department of Environmental Protection – Weekly Blue-Green Algae Update (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) Apr 19, 2024

Trader Joe’s basil recall: Maps show states affected by salmonella, recalled product (USA Today) Apr 19, 2024

Hundreds of websites are selling fake Ozempic, says company. Doctors say it’s only going to get worse (CBC) Apr 19, 2024

Upcoming Florida rains to amplify breeding of invasive Cuban tree frogs (WUFT - FM- Gainesville, FL) Apr 18, 2024

Trader Joe’s recalls basil from shelves in 29 states after salmonella outbreak (USA Today) Apr 18, 2024

Is delta-8 safe? As it flies off shelves, thousands call poison control over bad experiences (USA Today) Apr 18, 2024

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: What you need to know this summer about the silent killer (WHNT - TV) Apr 17, 2024

Salmonella outbreak causes Trader Joe’s to recall a Miami Firm’s herbs in 29 states (Miami Herald) Apr 17, 2024

California Woman Dies of Lead Poisoning After Using Hemorrhoid Ointment (People) Apr 16, 2024

Rise in temperatures is also increasing snake bite chances in north Florida (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 16, 2024

Warning: Poisoning danger from recalled laundry pods (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 16, 2024

Accidental poisoning deaths in young children nearly doubles nationwide (KFVS - TV) Apr 15, 2024

Here’s what you need to know about the poisoning danger from recalled laundry pods (KXAS - TV) Apr 15, 2024

NNPH issues lead poisoning warning after death of Sacramento woman (KOLO - TV) Apr 15, 2024

Opioids remain deadliest drug in the United States (Lynnwood Times) Apr 14, 2024

Students sent to hospital after possibly eating THC gummies at Treasure Coast middle school (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Apr 12, 2024

2 students accused of selling THC gummies after violent scene at Fort Pierce school (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Apr 12, 2024

Four Dan McCarty Middle School students Thursday suspected of ingesting THC gummies (TC Palm) Apr 12, 2024

4 students at Dan McCarty Middle School taken to hospital, suspected of eating THC gummies (WPTV - West Palm Beach, FL) Apr 12, 2024

Algae alert issued for Palm Beach and Martin Counties (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Apr 12, 2024

Blue-Green Algae Alerts Issued For Western Palm Beach, Martin Counties (WLFA - FM - Tampa, FL) Apr 12, 2024

Nitazenes found in 5 overdose deaths in Philly – here’s what they are and why they’re so deadly ( Apr 12, 2024

Blue-green algae bloom triggers health alert in part of Lee County (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 12, 2024


East Texas doctors warn parents about dangers of excessive use of melatonin gummies among children (KLTV - TV) Apr 11, 2024

Water conditions in the Caloosahatchee River warrant a fourth blue-green algae warning (WUSF - FM) Apr 10, 2024

Department of Health warns about algae in Winter Haven’s Lake Conine. What to know (The Apr 10, 2024

Blue-green algae spotted in Southwest Florida, again (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 10, 2024

Health alert issued for dangerous algae blooms in Polk County lake (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL) Apr 9, 2024

Some Aruba Aloe hand sanitizer, gel products recalled due to warnings of methanol contamination (ABC News) Apr 9, 2024

Coca-Cola Recalls Its Popular Sports Drink Due to Potential Foreign Metal Object ( Apr 9, 2024

Powerful synthetic opioids stronger than fentanyl were found in several overdose deaths in Philly (The Philadelphia Inquirer) Apr 9, 2024

‘Zombie’ drug xylazine found in cannabis THC vapes in UK (BBC) Apr 9, 2024

Hand sanitizer, aloe gel recalled over warnings it could cause comas or blindness (FOX Business) Apr 8, 2024

Toxic Hand Sanitizer Recalled Over Warnings It Could Cause Comas, Blindness (Newsweek) Apr 8, 2024

Fuzzy monsters: Tussock moth caterpillars found in Jacksonville hair could cause itchy rash (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 5, 2024

Procter & Gamble recalls 8.2 million laundry pods including Tide, Gain, Ace and Ariel detergents (USA Today) Apr 5, 2024

Blue-green algae blooms found in Caloosahatchee (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 5, 2024

Procter & Gamble Recalls More Than 8 Million Bags Of Tide Pods And Other Laundry Detergent Packets (Forbes) Apr 5, 2024

Do You Know Which Flowers and Plants are Toxic to Pets? Our Experts Explain! ( Apr 5, 2024

‘Leaves of three’ rhyme not the best defense from poison ivy rashes, Virginia Tech researchers say (WTOP - FM) Apr 4, 2024

Dogs eating ‘pot scraps’ leads to concern among owners, expensive vet bills ( Apr 4, 2024

Amid Recalls, Are Eye Drops Safe to Use? (New York Times) Apr 4, 2024

Florida residents warned not to touch Tussock moth caterpillars (NBC News) Apr 4, 2024

Blue-green algae blooms are back (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Apr 4, 2024

Smoking fentanyl now fueling more overdoses than injecting, CDC study shows (WTTG - TV) Apr 3, 2024

Two additional blue-algae blooms reported in Martin County (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Apr 3, 2024

‘They’re all over:’ Tussock moth caterpillars are swarming in Jacksonville (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Apr 3, 2024

California woman’s fatal poisoning from hemorrhoid cream highlights lead risks (CBS News) Apr 3, 2024

Don’t touch the alien-like creatures: What to know about the caterpillars all over Florida (USA Today) Apr 3, 2024

Pet Patrol: Watch out for these household toxins (WBTW - TV) Apr 3, 2024

Police find nearly 200 fentanyl pills hidden in Easter eggs, Alabama man arrested (USA Today) Apr 3, 2024

Testing found this recalled medicine can have a deadly bacterial contamination ( Apr 3, 2024

From “Just say NO” to “Just say KNOW”. What happened when we put fentanyl test strips to the test. (CBS News) Apr 3, 2024

California woman dies after using hemorrhoid ointment containing lead, health officials say ( Apr 3, 2024

Candy Recall as Nationwide Warning Issued (Newsweek) Apr 2, 2024

Blue-green algae warnings issued for two Martin County waterways (WTVX - Fort Pierce, FL) Apr 2, 2024

Deaths from ‘gas station heroin’ users bring renewed fears for parents, medical experts (ABC News) Apr 2, 2024

Blue-green algae concerns in Lake Uihlein postpone fishing tournament (Observer) Apr 2, 2024

Doctors give insight on Ozempic’s weight loss revolution (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Apr 1, 2024

Project Opioid expands in Central Florida with hopes of preventing overdose deaths (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Apr 1, 2024

Overdose deaths drop, Narcan gets results, Project Opioid says (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL) Apr 1, 2024

Dog Is ‘On His Own Planet’ After Accidentally Eating Something He Shouldn’t (Newsweek) Apr 1, 2024

‘Gas station heroin’ nearly killed her. How tianeptine became a ‘dark secret’ for many. (USA Today) Apr 1, 2024

Lead pollution anywhere is a public health threat everywhere (Vox) Apr 1, 2024

Leaves of three, let it be? Wide variability among poison ivy plants makes identification more challenging ( Apr 1, 2024


Skin-irritating tussock moth caterpillars return to Central Florida for the season (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL) Mar 31, 2024

Blue-green algae bloom alert issued for portions of Martin County (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Mar 29, 2024

‘Harmful’ blue-green algae found in Martin County waterways, health department says (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Mar 29, 2024

‘This stuff is dangerous.’ Concerns grow over highly addictive ‘gas station heroin’ (New Jersey News 12) Mar 28, 2024

Toxic toads that can kill pets in minutes are breeding in Florida (The Hill) Mar 28, 2024

Fueled by fentanyl, drug overdose deaths have quadrupled in past 2 decades (USA Today) Mar 27, 2024

What are the fuzzy caterpillars in Florida? Are they venomous? (Florida Times Union - Jacksonville) Mar 27, 2024

Five toxic household items to keep away from pets (KTAL - TV) Mar 27, 2024

Alabama Department of Public Health warns about the dangers of water beads (Alabama Public Radio) Mar 27, 2024

Bufo Toads Terrorize Florida: Pets in Danger (WXKB - FM - Cape Coral, FL) Mar 27, 2024

Algae in Martin waters; Mast pens letter to Army Corps. Will either stop discharges? (TC Palm) Mar 27, 2024

Residents take precautions against surge of invasive bufo toads breeding in Florida (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 26, 2024

Tussock moth caterpillars: Why are there so many caterpillars right now? (WOFL - TV - Orlando, FL) Mar 26, 2024

Magic mushroom-related calls involving teens increased by 300%, study finds (WJLA - TV) Mar 26, 2024

Gators, Snakes and Cane Toads, Oh My! Weather brings creepy crawlers to SWFL (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 26, 2024

A parent’s guide to poison prevention at home (Philly Voice) Mar 25, 2024

Organizations continue to hammer message of hope at Vera Francis Hall Park (Clay Today) Mar 24, 2024

‘The hallucinations are horrific:’ Jacksonville Poison Control seeing more Delta-8 related calls (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 22, 2024

More calls to Poison Control about children being exposed to edibles in Jacksonville (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 22, 2024

Nearly 108,000 Americans died of drug overdoses in 2022, breaking record, CDC says (CBS News) Mar 22, 2024

Venomous blue dragon sea slug: What to know if you see one on Florida beach during spring break (Florida Today) Mar 22, 2024

Ted Willich: Leading a company where ‘data science is a team sport’ (Jax Daily Record) Mar 22, 2024

OHSU study finds young children are being exposed to fentanyl more often ( Mar 21, 2024

Are Daisies Toxic to Cats? ( Mar 21, 2024

Synthetic THC products disguised as snacks putting children at risk: Chicago health officials (WFLD - TV) Mar 21, 2024

Clay County Sheriff’s Office confronts high number of drug arrests and overdoses through Hammer and Hope (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 21, 2024

Fisher-Price Recalls 204,000 Little People Mickey and Friends Figure Sets (Parents) Mar 21, 2024

Collier opioid crisis: Overdose deaths drop as county fights addiction (Naples Daily News) Mar 21, 2024

‘Hammer for Hope’ initiative to crack down on drug use in Clay County (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 20, 2024

Curious kids may face new poisoning risks as springtime arrives (Radio Iowa) Mar 20, 2024

Tips for taking antihistamines safely (VCU Health) Mar 20, 2024

Caffeine poisoning: when too much of a good thing is a bad thing (KFYR - TV) Mar 19, 2024

Spring brings puppy and kitten litters. So make sure to keep them away from toxic plants. (USA Today) Mar 19, 2024

Product recall events hit 7-year high in 2023 ( Mar 19, 2024

FWC: Red Tide Conditions Observed “at Background Concentrations” in One Sample Collected from Miami-Dade County (WQCS - FM - Fort Pierce, FL) Mar 18, 2024

DEP warns of toxic algae bloom, but Army Corps will continue Lake Okeechobee discharges (TC Palm) Mar 18, 2024

Poison prevention advocates stress the importance of safe storage (WTOL - TV) Mar 18, 2024

Delta-8 causes thousands of calls to poison control (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 18, 2024

Why Is Fentanyl Driving Overdose Deaths? (Yale Medicine) Mar 18, 2024

Common household items deadly to pets (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 18, 2024

‘Fourth wave’ of opioid epidemic crashes ashore, propelled by fentanyl and meth (Daily Montanan) Mar 17, 2024

Health alert issued for blue-green algal toxins in Lake Okeechobee (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Mar 16, 2024

Over-the-counter ‘diet weed’ is the new go-to for teens, worrying scientists — and symptoms are hard to spot (New York Post) Mar 15, 2024

Attack of the Killer Jellyfish! Not really, but what to know about by-the-wind sailors (TCPalm) Mar 15, 2024

Poison Center Calls for ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Spiked Starting in 2019 (HealthDay) Mar 14, 2024

Delta-8, an unregulated form of THC, is popular among high school students (NPR) Mar 14, 2024

Cashews sold by Walmart in 30 states and online recalled due to allergens (CBS News) Mar 13, 2024

WSP Report: Carbon monoxide poisoning death of college student caused by improperly installed water heater ( Mar 13, 2024

A significant number of US 12th-graders report using delta-8 products, study says, and it may be a public health concern (CNN) Mar 13, 2024

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK: Bloom found in Cape Coral canal not blue-green algae (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 12, 2024

Over 1 in 10 high school seniors report using delta-8 THC (NBC News) Mar 12, 2024

Pet Food Recall Over Salmonella Risk to Animals and Humans (Newsweek) Mar 12, 2024

Ashley Moody warns Spring Breakers about fentanyl in drugs ( Mar 12, 2024

What Is Delta-8 THC? 11% Of High School Seniors Using Potentially Harmful Psychoactive ( Mar 12, 2024

Delta-8 THC Has Serious Health Risks: 5 Things To Know ( Mar 12, 2024

Students sharing marijuana-infused candy in US schools prompts heightened look at safety (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Mar 11, 2024

‘Not normal to see’: Monstrous jellyfish washing up along Florida beaches (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL) Mar 11, 2024

Turkey sausage recall: Johnsonville recalls more than 35,000 pounds of meat after rubber found (USA Today) Mar 11, 2024

Pasco County Health Officials Issue Blue-Green Algae Bloom Alert For Dowling Lake (Tampa Free Press) Mar 11, 2024

Health Officials Issue Blue-Green Algae Bloom Alert for Dowling Lake North ( Mar 11, 2024

Sun Pharma initiates recall of Febuxostat for gout in US ( Mar 11, 2024

Cinnamon Recall Widens Over Metal Poisoning Fears (Newsweek) Mar 10, 2024

Blue-green algae blooms in the Caloosahatchee could bring health risks to pets and people (WINK - TV - Tampa, Florida) Mar 10, 2024

Cheese Recalled In 15 States Over Listeria Concerns (Forbes) Mar 9, 2024

Florida Poison Control reports record calls for THC edibles (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL)  Mar 9, 2024

Florida Poison Control reports record calls for THC edibles (WFLX - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Mar 8, 2024

Rising number of fentanyl exposures among young children in Oregon, the US (KOIN - TV) Mar 8, 2024

Large mushroom cap jellyfish spotted on Southwest Florida beach (WBBH - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Mar 8, 2024

Recalls have been issued for frozen dumplings, eye ointment, gun safes and more — see the latest list (NBC News) Mar 8, 2024

‘Basically creating a “Bud-Light”:’ Compromise on FL hemp bill would allow half-potency THC edibles (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Mar 7, 2024

Melatonin Overdoses Are Spiking in Young Kids (Time) Mar 7, 2024

Shredded cheese recall over listeria concerns in 15 states affects food-maker Sargento (NBC News) Mar 7, 2024

Pediatric ER visits linked to melanotin soar ( Mar 7, 2024

Human medications lead list of top pet toxins in 2023, data shows ( Mar 7, 2024

FDA warns consumers to stop using six brands of ground cinnamon found to have high levels of lead (CNN) Mar 6, 2024

Is there red tide anywhere in Florida right now? What to know during start of spring break season (News-Press) Mar 5, 2024

What are kratom and delta 8, and why are medical professionals sounding the alarm? (KDKA - TV) Mar 5, 2024

On front lines of the opioid epidemic, these Narcan street warriors prevent overdose deaths (USA Today) Mar 5, 2024

Watch: Why fentanyl withdrawal is agony and how medication can prevent it ( Mar 5, 2024

Recalls Over 102,000 bottles of mouthwash recalled due to child poisoning risk (Scripps News) Mar 4, 2024

As xylazine surges, some lawmakers want jail time for dealers and people who use the drug ( Mar 4, 2024

Trader Joe’s recalls more than 61,000 pounds of its signature chicken soup dumplings. What to know (NBC News) Mar 3, 2024

U.S. Customs find over $11 million in fentanyl pills at the Border (KFMB - TV) Mar 2, 2024

Fentanyl poisoning suspected cause of teen’s death in Liberty Hill (KTBC - TV) Mar 1, 2024

Florida lawmakers move to prohibit ‘gas station heroin’ (Tampa Bay Times) Mar 1, 2024

Alcohol-Related Deaths Spike By 29% in US, But Opioid Crisis Overshadows Alcohol Use Disorder (Behavioral Health Business) Mar 1, 2024


More than 100,000 mouthwash bottles recalled for increased risk of poisoning children (USA Today) Feb 29, 2024

Chick-fil-A recalls Polynesian sauce dipping cups over allergy concerns (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL) Feb 29, 2024

Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash recalled for poisoning risk ( Feb 29, 2024

Tianeptine, known as ‘gas station heroin,’ is easy to find, potentially dangerous to use (WLS - TV) Feb 28, 2024

Popular eye ointments may not be sterile, recall warns (CNN) Feb 28, 2024

Months after applesauce recall, parents remain in constant fear about possible long term effects (NBC News) Feb 28, 2024

Enough fentanyl to ‘kill global population — nearly twice over’ seized in California last year (The Hill) Feb 28, 2024

‘Magic Mushroom’ Calls Growing At Poison Centers ( Feb 28, 2024

‘It’s sold on our streets’: Deadly drug cocktail linked to local overdoses (WPEC - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Feb 27, 2024

‘Alarming’ spike in psilocybin calls after decriminalization, UVA study shows (WVEC - TV) Feb 27, 2024

The Rising Threat of Xylazine and Fentanyl Overdose in Florida: Understanding the Crisis, Impact, and Response ( Feb 26, 2024

Poison Center Calls for ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Spiked After Decriminalization, Study Finds ( Feb 26, 2024

Supplements Recall As Poisonous Plant Warning Issued (Newsweek) Feb 25, 2024

Invasive Jorō spider is surprisingly tolerant of busy urban settings, according to new study (CNN) Feb 25, 2024

‘Tranq dope’ mixture of fentanyl, horse sedative involved in Florida deaths (Tampa Bay Times) Feb 24, 2024

South Florida dad recounts frightful moments after daughter was bitten by water moccasin (WFOR - TV - Miami, FL) Feb 23, 2024

Local students participate in National Poison Prevention Video Contest (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 23, 2024

Cheese recall expands due to E. coli outbreak in multiple states (New York Post) Feb 23, 2024

Recall issued for ready-to-eat meat products sold in Publix, 2nd in 1 week (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL) Feb 22, 2024

How vending machines help states battle the opioid crisis: ‘You don’t know when you’re going to need these products’ (CNN) Feb 22, 2024

Outbreak Investigation of Listeria monocytogenes: Queso Fresco and Cotija Cheese (February 2024) ( Feb 22, 2024

Ten Fun Facts About Jellyfish ( Feb 22, 2024

Fentanyl Is Bad. ‘Tranq’ Might Be Worse. (Wall Street Journal Feb 21, 2024

Marijuana contamination linked to lethal illnesses — and even legal weed can be unsafe: ‘It’s a horror story’ (New York Post) Feb 21, 2024

Water moccasin bites 7-year-old girl in Broward park (South Florida Sun Sentinel) Feb 21, 2024

‘Fourth Wave’ of Opioid Epidemic Crashes Ashore, Propelled by Fentanyl and Meth (KFF Health News) Feb 21, 2024

Baby Vitamin Recalled Over Vomiting Fears (Newsweek) Feb 20, 2024

‘Use as directed’ (Safe and Healthy Magazine) Feb 20, 2024

Illnesses linked to ‘gas station heroin’ are growing, health officials warn (WHYY - TV) Feb 20, 2024

Plant Toxicity & Garden Hazards For Dogs: Pet-Safe Gardening Guide Released (Digital Journal) Feb 20, 2024

Access to Opioids Could Be Boosting Suicide Rates ( Feb 19, 2024

Publix recalls 11 ground meat products. They might have ‘foreign material’ (Miami Herald) Feb 18, 2024

Cheddar Cheese Recall As Warning Issued Over Potential Illness (Newsweek) Feb 18, 2024

Carbon Monoxide: A year-round threat (KYTV -TV) Feb 17, 2024

What Zyn pouches do to your brain, body, and heart (Business Insider) Feb 16, 2024

Cheese Recalls as Map Shows US Listeria Outbreak (Newsweek) Feb 16, 2024

Pork and Ham Recall as Fears Grow Over Listeria Outbreak (Newsweek) Feb 16, 2024

FULL LIST of 100+ products recalled because of listeria concerns (WHIO - TV) Feb 15, 2024

Salad kit from Bristol Farms now included in listeria-related recalls as outbreak grows (USA Today) Feb 15, 2024

Nitazenes are a powerful class of street drugs emerging across the US ( Feb 15, 2024

What to Know About the Risk of Food Poisoning From Listeria (The New York Times) Feb 15, 2024

Dole announces recall of salad kits for Listeria contamination. Here’s what you should know and how to get refunded (KNBC - TV) Feb 15, 2024

My Airbnb didn’t have a carbon monoxide detector, so I bought this portable one — it’s down to $18 at Amazon ( Feb 14, 2024

Publix and Aldi store brands among more charcuterie pack recalls on salmonella concerns (Miami Herald) Feb 14, 2024

Ham, Pork Recall as Nationwide Warning Issued Over Salmonella Illness (Newsweek) Feb 14, 2024

They’re pretty, but poison. Many common indoor and outdoor plants can make pets and people ill. ( Feb 14, 2024

Recall For Listeria Bacteria In Dairy Products – What You Need To Know (Forbes) Feb 14, 2024

Officers who helped save baby overdosing on fentanyl speak out (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 14, 2024

Dole Salad Kits Sold In 25 States Recalled For Potential Listeria Contamination (Southern Living) Feb 14, 2024

Jacksonville Poison Control experts cite ‘dramatic’ increase in children exposed to edibles (WTLV - TV) Feb 13, 2024

FDA warns addictive ‘gas station heroin’ supplement widely available in U.S. (PBS News Hour) Feb 13, 2024

Charcuterie meat packages recalled nationwide. Aldi, Costco, Publix affected (USA Today) Feb 13, 2024

Over-the-counter marijuana-based, Kratom gummies can be a health risk for young people, expert says (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 13, 2024

Cheese, yogurt and dairy recall: Here’s a list of items linked to Listeria outbreak (CNN) Feb 13, 2024


Multiple students hospitalized after ingesting ‘unknown gummy substance’ at Twin Lakes Middle School (WOKV - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 12, 2024

Multiple students hospitalized after ingesting ‘unknown gummy substance’ at Twin Lakes Middle School (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 12, 2024

New class of deadly drugs raises fears (WGN - TV) Feb 12, 2024

Delta 8 THC Products: A Rising Concern for Child Safety ( Feb 12, 2024

Florida House advances bill that would ban hemp products with psychoactive THC derivatives (WOKV - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 12, 2024

Florida House advances bill that would ban hemp products with psychoactive THC derivatives (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Feb 12, 2024

Recall alert: Fratelli Beretta recalls charcuterie meat over possible under-processing (WSB - TV) Feb 12, 2024

Cat and Dog Food Recalled Over Salmonella Risk to Both Pets and People (Newsweek) Feb 12, 2024

Family mourns Wylie teen who died from suspected fentanyl poisoning (KXAS - TV) Feb 11, 2024

Listeria recall: More cheese products pulled at Walmart, Costco, Safeway, other stores (USA Today) Feb 10, 2024

Costco, Trader Joe’s and Walmart products made with cheese linked to deadly listeria outbreak (CBS News) Feb 9, 2024

Costco, Trader Joe’s pull some products with cheese in expanded recall for listeria risk (USA Today) Feb 9, 2024

Reports of adverse reactions to Delta-8 surge: Unregulated THC products cause alarm (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL) Feb 9, 2024

Costco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart Recall Dairy Products Over Listeria Outbreak—What To Know (Forbes) Feb 8, 2024

Trader Joe’s announces recall for 4 items over Listeria concerns (The Hill) Feb 8, 2024

Construction Industry Grapples With Its Top Killer: Drug Overdose (New York Times) Feb 8, 2024


Fresh Creative Foods Announces Voluntary Recall of Dressings and Taco Kit Due to Risk of Listeria in Ingredient From Cheese Supplier: Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc. (WHIO - TV) Feb 7, 2024

Jelly Roll Says He’s Scared of His Kids Encountering Fentanyl When ‘Experimenting with Drugs’ (Exclusive) (People) Feb 7, 2024

‘Likely’ source of recalled applesauce contamination found, FDA says (FOX Business) Feb 7, 2024

Trader Joe’s recalls products potentially contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes (KRON - TV) Feb 7, 2024

Listeria recall includes 58 cheese, yogurt, and sour cream dairy products after deadly outbreak ( Feb 7, 2024

Listeria outbreak prompts recall of cheese, other dairy products: What to know (Washington Post) Feb 7, 2024

Protecting Kids from Cannabis Edibles, Says California Poison Control ( Feb 7, 2024

Deadly listeria outbreak results in ricotta cheese recall at Whole Foods (New York Post) Feb 6, 2024

Poison control issues warning over toy that ‘looks like candy’ but can cause serious harm ( Feb 6, 2024

Dog Food Is Being Recalled Nationwide—Here’s What You Need to Know (Parade) Feb 6, 2024

Psychedelic Drug Rising in ‘Popularity and Availability’ in the US (Newsweek) Feb 6, 2024

Surge in Police Seizures of ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Mirrors Rise in Psilocybin Use ( Feb 6, 2024

South Florida children overdosing on THC edibles stirs concern: CBS News Miami investigates (WFOR - TV - Miami, FL) Feb 6, 2024

Police Seizures of Psychedelic Drugs Are Soaring Throughout the United States ( Feb 6, 2024

Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Use in Adolescents: A Rising Concern Nationwide ( Feb 6, 2024

Poison Control warns parents about water beads toy (WSB - TV) Feb 5, 2024

Here’s how long it takes for your body to recover from food poisoning (CNN) Feb 5, 2024

Experts: Frequent Use of This Trusted Over-the-Counter Drug Can Lead to Severe Liver Damage ( Feb 5, 2024

What To Do if a Child or Pet Eats a Poisonous Plant ( Feb 5, 2024

Florida’s overall overdose deaths drop, but some lethal drugs are on the rise (Palm Beach Post) Feb 4, 2024

Blue-green algae detected near Midpoint Bridge in Cape Coral (WGCU - FM - Fort Meyers, FL) Feb 3, 2024

Deadly Drug Tianeptine ‘Significant Risk’ in US (Newsweek) Feb 2, 2024

Blue-green algae returns to Cape Coral (WINK - TV - Cape Coral, FL) Feb 2, 2024

‘They still have side effects’: Doctors warn about taking weight loss medications as overdoses surge (WFTV - TV - Orlando,  FL) Feb 1, 2024

Quaker Oats recall expanded, granola bar added: See the updated recall list (USA Today) Feb 1, 2024

Some tianeptine products recalled as CDC links drug to ‘cluster of severe illness’ (WRAL - TV) Feb 1, 2024

DEA seizes record amount of fentanyl nationwide and in Montana (KTVQ - TV) Feb 1, 2024

Don’t Overuse Acetaminophen (FDA.GOV) Feb 1, 2024


Florida’s Unregulated Kratom Market (WJCT - FM - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 31, 2024

Quaker Oats Company adds discontinued granola bar to recall list (WBND - TV) Jan 31, 2024

FDA warns against ‘gas station heroin’ that can be addictive, deadly (The Atlanta Journal Constitution) Jan 31, 2024

Ozempic, Wegovy Overdoses Have Drastically Increased—What Happens When You Take Too Much? ( Jan 30, 2024

ADHD medication recalled due to pill mixup (CNN) Jan 30, 2024

Mom was high at hospital as her baby died of fentanyl poisoning, Florida police say (Miami Herald) Jan 30, 2024

ADHD medication recalled because bottles may contain completely different drug (CBS News) Jan 29, 2024

Pufferfish: An underwater balloon of death? ( Jan 29, 2024

Are Edibles Safer Than Smoking? (The New York Times) Jan 29, 2024

Louisville medical experts address rise in melatonin use among kids (WLKY - TV) Jan 28, 2024

‘I don’t see how it ends’: expert sounds alarm on new wave of US opioids crisis ( Jan 28, 2024

Overdose deaths rise as opioid epidemic continues to sweep nation (KLAS - TV) Jan 28, 2024

Poison control center data shows the number of kids and adults exposed to laundry pods is still high ( Jan 28, 2024

Health providers see rise in self-poisoning among young people ( Jan 26, 2024

FDA Issues Warning About Certain Supplements Substituted with Toxic Yellow Oleander (FDA. GOV) Jan 26, 2024

Can You Overdose on GLP-1s? Poison Control Is Fielding More Calls About Weight Loss Drugs ( Jan 26, 2024

Robitussin cough syrup recall issued nationwide due to microbial contamination (USA Today) Jan 25, 2024

BRS Fuel Bottles Recalled Due to Risk of Burn and Poisoning; Violation of the Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Safety Act Due to Lack of Child Resistant Closure; Sold Exclusively on by OAREA Outdoor Gear ( Jan 25, 2024

A New Wave of Nicotine Products Comes Under Scrutiny (New York Times) Jan 25, 2024

Yaomiao Children’s Rhinestone Silver Tiaras Recalled Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban; Sold Exclusively on by LordRoadS ( Jan 25, 2024

Exclusive: Suspected fake Ozempic linked to three US cases of hypoglycemia (Reuters) Jan 24, 2024

FDA issues new warning about supplements containing tianeptine (NBC News) Jan 24, 2024

Three Americans hospitalized with life-threateningly low blood pressure after taking fake Ozempic (Daily Mail) Jan 24, 2024

Cartels introduce dangerous drug variations: Fentanyl laced with Xylazine and Nitazene (KTUL - TV) Jan 24, 2024

Detergent Pod Poisoning Threat to Kids Hasn’t Gone Away (U.S. News and World Report) Jan 23, 2024

Exclusive: New York City accounted for 10% of all fentanyl seized in U.S. in 2023 (CBS News) Jan 22, 2024

What to know about “gas station heroin” (AXIOS) Jan 22, 2024

Publix Sauce recalled over undeclared allergen, risk of ‘life-threatening allergic reaction’ ( Jan 22, 2024

Months after applesauce recall, Georgia sees more cases of lead poisoning (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Jan 22, 2024

Two-year-old dies from fentanyl poisoning in Bismarck (KXNET.COM) Jan 22, 2024

New Study Finds Liquid Laundry Detergent Packet Exposure Burden among Young Children Remains; Increase in Exposures among Older Children, Teens, and Adults (newswise) Jan 22, 2024

Escambia County continues to have alarming number of opioid overdoses (WUWF - FM, Pensacola, FL) Jan 22, 2024

Liquid laundry detergent packet exposure burden ( Jan 22, 2024

Salmonella outbreak in pre-cut cantaloupes that killed 13 is now over, CDC says (KTRK - TV) Jan 21, 2024

Costco brand added as illnesses rise in charcuterie meat Salmonella recall (USA Today) Jan 21, 2024

What is tianeptine? Lawmakers sound the alarm on ‘gas station heroin’ (FOXNOW) Jan 21, 2024

Your cat’s toys could be made of this ‘poison plastic’ material — here’s how to find out and what to replace them with ( Jan 21, 2024

This warty, toxic pest threatens entire ecosystems. These scientists have a secret weapon (WSVN - TV - Miami, FL) Jan 20, 2024

How to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning while on vacation (KXAS - TV - Dallas, TX) Jan 19, 2024

Charcuterie Meat Recall Expands as Salmonella Cases Double (U.S. News and World Report) Jan 19, 2024

Nut Mix Recall as Warning Issued Over Risk of ‘Life-Threatening’ Reactions (Newsweek) Jan 19, 2024

CDC is expanding a warning about salmonella poisoning tied to charcuterie meat snack trays sold at Sam’s Club and Costco (Fortune) Jan 19, 2024

Why Salmonella Makes So Many People Sick (New York Times) Jan 19, 2024

Northwest Florida law enforcement continues to face uphill battle with drugs, fentanyl (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL) Jan 19, 2024

DEA seized record 386 million deadly fentanyl doses in 2023 — enough to kill every American (New York Post) Jan 18, 2024

Marijuana gummy hospitalizes 1-year-old baby in Secaucus, NJ (WKXW - FM) Jan 18, 2024

‘Enough to kill every American’: DEA details just how bad the fentanyl crisis is in America (KSAZ - TV) Jan 17, 2024

14 workers hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning at Yale building under construction (USA Today) Jan 17, 2024

Heidi Klum Shares Video of Herself in Bed with ‘Food Poisoning’ Following Red Carpet Appearance (People) Jan 17, 2024

Warning For New York Dog Owners: Household Item Can Poison Pet (Hudson Valley Post) Jan 17, 2024

Invisible killer: How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning when temperatures drop (KPRC - TV) Jan 16, 2024

Quaker Oats recall list: See the dozens of products being recalled for salmonella concerns (USA Today) Jan 16, 2024

What is ‘budget Ozempic?’ Experts warn about TikTok’s alarming DIY weight loss ‘trick’ (USA Today) Jan 16, 2024

Bill adding more protections for kratom consumers clears first Senate hurdle ( Jan 16, 2024

Investigation of Elevated Lead & Chromium Levels: Cinnamon Applesauce Pouches (November 2023) (FDA.GOV) Jan 16, 2024

FDA Warns About Counterfeit Ozempic Found in U.S. Drug Supply Chain (Pharmacy Practice News) Jan 16, 2024

‘I thought I had lost her’: Doctors warn of marijuana edibles’ danger for kids (KGTV - TV) Jan 15, 2024

Five taken to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after running generator, cooking with propane indoors (KGW - TV) Jan 14, 2024

Quaker Oats Recalls More Products Over Potential Salmonella Contamination (New York Times) Jan 13, 2024

Quaker Oats recalls more granola products due to salmonella risk (CBS News) Jan 12, 2024

Nine sick from exposure to carbon monoxide in Broward home. How to avoid the toxic gas (Miami Herald) Jan 11, 2024

Cincinnati Children’s doctor talks what to do if child swallows button battery (WLWT - TV) Jan 11, 2024

Teen drug overdoses hit record high, driven primarily by fentanyl poisoning, says new report (FOX News) Jan 11, 2024

Carbon monoxide is a ‘silent killer.’ Here’s what to know about CO poisoning and how to prevent it (WTVJ - TV) Jan 11, 2024

The Most Common Causes of Death in the Home (and How to Prevent Them) ( Jan 11, 2024

What are Different Types of Food Poisoning and How Can You Avoid Them? ( Jan 11, 2024

4 Immediate Steps to Take If Your Dog Ate an Edible ( Jan 11, 2024

Antifreeze: Good for cars. Not good for pets. ( Jan 11, 2024

Benny T’s Vesta Dry Hot Sauces recalled due to possible life-threatening mislabeling issue (ABC News) Jan 10, 2024

‘Gas-Station Heroin’ Sold as Dietary Supplement Alarms Health Officials (New York Times) Jan 10, 2024

Mom arrested, dad at large after 4-year-old ODs on fentanyl on his birthday: court docs (WXIX - TV) Jan 10, 2024

BBQ Sauce Recall as Dire Warning Issued (Newsweek) Jan 10, 2024

Hidden Storm Hazard: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Tonight Gas Gen ( Jan 9, 2024

What’s Causing the Latest Baby Formula Recall (Time) Jan 9, 2024

Banner Poison and Drug Information Center reports more calls related to Ozempi, similar drugs (KOLD - TV) Jan 9, 2024

Protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning ( Jan 9, 2024

Blue-Green Algae alert issued for Lake Monroe (The West Volusia Beacon) Jan 9, 2024

‘Everybody has them’: Invasive, toxic New Guinea flatworms now found in most Florida counties (WPTV - TV - West Palm Beach, FL) Jan 8, 2024

Pet Food Recall in 20 States as Warning Issued Over Salmonella Impact (Newsweek) Jan 8, 2024

About 22 high school age adolescents died each week from overdoses in 2022, driven by fentanyl-laced prescription pills ( Jan 8, 2024

6 OTC Drugs That Can Be Dangerous for Older Adults ( Jan 8, 2024

The 13 Most Snake Infested Area In Florida ( Jan 7, 2024

The applesauce pouches that gave kids lead poisoning had a ‘high level’ of another toxic chemical, FDA says (Fortune) Jan 6, 2024

FDA: Recalled applesauce pouches had elevated lead levels and another possible contaminant (USA Today) Jan 6, 2024

Water Beads’ Hidden Dangers ( Jan 6, 2024

15 States With The Highest Drug Overdose Death Rates In The US (Yahoo Finance) Jan 5, 2024

Recalled charcuterie meats linked to multistate salmonella outbreak (CNN) Jan 5, 2024

Parents of 4-Year-Old Girl Who Overdosed on ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’ Charged with Manslaughter (People) Jan 5, 2024

Tejocote Supplements Sold Online at Amazon, Etsy May Contain Fatal Poison: FDA (U.S. News and World Report) Jan 5, 2024

Florida’s “Angel” of Death: One of The World’s Most Toxic Destroyers ( Jan 4, 2024

CRIME Clairton father arrested after 1-year-old daughter nearly dies overdosing on veterinary tranquilizer xylazine (KDKA - TV) Jan 4, 2024

Yes, peace lilies are toxic to pets (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL) Jan 4, 2024

Blue Ridge Beef expands recall on kitten, puppy foods due to possible salmonella and listeria contamination (CBS News) Jan 4, 2024

I bought fake Ozempic to rid belly fat — it felt like my heart was going to explode (New York Post) Jan 4, 2024

Ham Recall as Stark Warning Issued Over Possible Salmonella Contamination (Newsweek) Jan 4, 2024

FDA Warns of Toxic Oleander in Supplements ( Jan 4, 2024

Chicago man issues warning after taking fake Ozempic diabetes, weight loss drug (WLS - TV) Jan 3, 2024

More lead poisoning cases linked to recalled applesauce products (FOX Business) Jan 3, 2024

Even Narcan can’t save victims: What you should know about growing threat of ‘zombie drug’ (KPRC - TV) Jan 3, 2024

What To Know About Nitazenes: Rare But Emerging Opioids More Potent Than Fentanyl (Forbes) Jan 2, 2024

Nutramigen infant formula recalled due to potential bacteria contamination (USA Today) Jan 2, 2024

I took fake Ozempic to be skinny for my wedding — I thought I was going to die (New York Post) Jan 2, 2024

Nearly 50 people suffer carbon monoxide poisoning at Mormon church in Utah (NBC News) Jan 2, 2024

Delaware student’s Apple Watch saves her life after she passes out from carbon monoxide poisoning (KYW - TV) Jan 1, 2024

More than 675K cans of baby formula recalled over bacterial infection risks (New York Post) Jan 1, 2024

With rise of mushroom foraging comes spike in poisoning calls, officials say (WWSB - TV - Sarasota, FL) Jan 1, 2024

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