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While these articles provide helpful information, remember: in a poisoning emergency, call the experts at 1-800-222-1222, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are fast, free and confidential. Save the number in your phone for quick access.

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Are sports, energy drinks safe for children? (

Two people stung by stingrays at Daytona Beach over the weekend: Here’s what to do if you’re ever stung (WOFL - TV - Orlando, Fl)

Be aware of active snake season in Central Florida (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL)

Fentanyl poisoning kills Auburn teen; family shares lessons through loss (WRRG - TV)

53 beverage and nutrition products recalled over possible Cronobacter contamination (CNN)

Gov. DeSantis announces new opioid recovery program in Florida to combat overdoses, fentanyl deaths (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Congress passes bill named for toddler who died after swallowing a battery (ABC News)

Delta-8 THC: Experts Warn That Not All Cannabis Alternatives Are Safe (

New program aims to lower overdose deaths (WJXT -  TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Florida rads: 3 Tampa Bay counties at higher risk of radon poisoning (WFLA - TV -  Tampa, FL)


Fentanyl can’t cause an overdose through skin, experts say: 5 fentanyl myths, debunked (NBC News)

Two Jacksonville couples arrested for child neglect after infants test positive for fentanyl (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Health Alert Issued For Blue-Green Algae Blooms On Hillsborough River (

Most Eutylone-Involved Deaths in 2020 Occurred in Two States (

Florida leads the nation in overdose deaths related to new synthetic drug, CDC data shows (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Florida teen drug dealer found with enough fentanyl to kill over 1,500 people, deputies say (MSN)

Home Run Inn frozen pizza recalled over potential contamination (ABC News)

5,760 cases of Capri Sun have been recalled after being contaminated with cleaning solution (CNN)

Synthetic psychoactive bath salt called eutylone making deadly mark in Florida (WFOR - TV - Miami, FL)


Listeria in Florida? New outbreak tied to Illinois resident’s death, 22 hospitalizations, CDC says (WLS - TV - Chicago, IL)

CDC: Listeria outbreak linked to Florida (CBS News)

‘It can happen to you’: How 1 laced pill cost a Louisville mother her son forever (

Algae ‘more than 20 times too toxic for human contact’ prompts new concerns (WPTV - TV - West Palm  Beach, FL)

Dangerous giant African snails in Florida spark quarantines (New York Post)

The Giant African Land Snail Has Been Spotted Again in Florida (New York Times)

FDA: Vidalia Onion Recall Due To Listeria Concerns Affects Wegmans, Publix, 5 States (Forbes)

Florida-made ice cream linked to listeria outbreak that killed 1, left 22 hospitalized in 10 states (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL)

Health officials warn of blue-green algae in Clay County (WOKV - FM - Jacksonville, FL)

‘Mass fentanyl poisoning event’: Laced drugs in Gadsden claim nine lives over holiday weekend (Tallahassee Democrat)

‘Sargassum storm’: Stinky seasonal seaweed sets record in Brevard, and more is coming this way (Florida Today)

‘Full of life’: Husband mourns wife killed in rash of possible Gadsden fentanyl deaths (Tallahassee Democrat)

Gadsden County reports a spike in fentanyl deaths over July Fourth holiday (WFSU - FM - Tallahassee, FL)

Rural Florida county shocked by fentanyl deaths over holiday (Valdosta Daily Times)

Toxic algae blooms are growing on lakes and beaches across the US, and health departments warn they can poison kids and kill pets (Yahoo News)

Florida leaders blame fentanyl deaths in rural Gadsden County on border drug smuggling (Tallahassee Democrat)

Officers ‘working feverishly’ to prevent another mass fentanyl poisoning in Florida (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL)

‘Pick on someone your own size’: 7-year-old snake bite victim walks again (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Yikes! Four-foot venomous snake found slithering in Florida neighborhood (WOFL - TV - Orlando, FL)

Chlorine and pool safety: What you need to know (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL)

These Plants Poisonous to Dogs May Be Hiding in Your Garden (

A mass fentanyl overdose event in Gadsden is drawing statewide attention (WFSU - FM - Tallahassee, FL)

Look out for signs of pool chemical injuries this summer swimming season (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL)

Blue Green Menace (TapintotheBay)

Algae bloom health alert at Central Florida lake (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL)

Man arrested, 7 people hospitalized after taking drug laced with fentanyl and vet tranquilizer (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL)

Deputies: Ecstasy shaped like vitamins seized during traffic stop in Putnam County (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Florida Sheriff’s Operation “Meth Side Story” Leads To 18 Arrest Warrants, Enough Dope To Kill Over 98,000 (The Free Press -- Tampa, FL)

Six People Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Homestead (WTVJ - TV - Miami, FL)

Why Tide Pods look like candy (CNN)

Tide Pods were designed to look like candy, according to new report (NBC News)

Freeze-dried blueberries sold nationwide recalled over lead concerns (CBS News)

Florida AG urges President Biden to classify fentanyl as ‘weapon of mass destruction’ (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

State agencies deploy resources to address fentanyl crisis (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL)

No arrests in connection with mass fentanyl overdose deaths in Gadsden County (Tallahassee Democrat)

Health department: Blue-green algae toxins present around Racy Point in St. Johns River (St. Augustine Record)

Experts warn of dangerous species of caterpillar found in Florida (

Lake Munson boat ramps reopened after health alert lifted over algae toxins (Tallahassee Democrat)

Couple says 6-month-old dog died after finding poisonous mushrooms in yard (WFLX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)


Back to school leads to higher intake in poison control calls as kids routines change (Florida Today)

Water Quality Report (WGCU - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

More Toddlers are Ingesting and Overdosing on Marijuana (WMBB - TV - Panama City, Florida)

When are expired drugs truly expired? (NBC News)

Should parents give their children melatonin supplements? (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Health Officials Issue Blue-Green Algae Bloom ALERT for Areas in Lake Okeechobee (WQCS - FM)

10 Easy-Action Tips For Preventing Toddler Accidental Poisoning At Home (

How you should dispose of unused or expired medications (National Geographic)

9 Human Foods That Are Toxic to Dogs (

From the Extension: Pick the right houseplants to live with your pets (

2 fentanyl deaths occurred in Chattahoochee the month before ‘fentanyl overdose crisis’ (Tallahassee Democrat)

How Safe Is Deet? (

The Hidden Danger Behind TikTok’s “Product Overload” Cleaning Trend (


Why Home-Made Baby Formula Is a Bad Idea (U.S. News & World Report)

Child suicide attempts by poisoning on the rise, study says (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL)

Blue-green algae caution issued for Lake Sue (

Lee Health: Prepare for hurricane season (Naples Daily News)

Jacksonville Beach lifeguards are alerting beachgoers to uptick in Portuguese man o’ war (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Mandarin Middle School student wins national video contest (Florida News Line - Jacksonville, FL)

Melatonin poisoning reports are up in kids, study says (WJXT -TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Staying safe with generators, heating devices (

Melatonin poisoning reports are up in kids, study says (Miami Herarld)

Melatonin poisoning concerns (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Melatonin overdoses in kids increase 530% over past decade: What parents need to know to keep kids safe (ABC - Good Morning America)

Health officials issue blue-green algae bloom alert for Bull Creek north of Fish Camp (

No swimming, boating in three Polk County Lakes where blue-green algae found (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL)

You might want to eliminate this invasive Florida toad. It can kill your dog or cat (Video) (Palm Beach Post) 

Winston-Salem parents warn families about the risks of water beads for younger children (WXII - TV)

Snake bite could have meant serious consequences for Miramar man (WPLG - TV - Miami, FL)

Quiz: Do You Know How to Protect Your Child From Poisoning? (The Miami County Republic)

Orange County health officials issue toxic blue-green algae warning for Lake Ivanhoe (WESH - TV - Orlando, FL)

Health alert issued for presence of blue-green algae in Lake Weir (Ocala News)

DOH-Martin County issues toxic algae health alert for Lake Okeechobee near Indiantown (

Clay County boy recovering after venomous snake bite put him in hospital for nearly a week (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Florida Boy, 7, Almost Dies After Getting Bit by Venomous Snake in Backyard (Newsweek)

Recall alert: Kroger, Walgreens brand pill bottles recalled for not meeting child safety standards (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL)

Department of Health warns of blue-green algae around Swimming Pen Creek near Whitey’s Fish Camp (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Health officials lift blue-green algae alert for Bull Creek (

Inside the Long History of Florida’s Deadliest Tree (

Child impaled by catfish during Florida fishing trip (New York Post)

Lake Okeechobee sees 240 square miles of blue-green algae (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

Health department: Blue-green algae toxins present around Shands Bridge (St. Augustine Record)

Collier Sheriff says man arrested with enough fentanyl to kill 65,000 people (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

Poisonous caterpillar looks like a slug and is found in the Eastern United States (

FDA effort to tackle addiction & deaths (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Poison ivy: How to treat the rash, destroy the plant (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL)

470 people reported illness, including liver issues, from recalled Daily Harvest food (Miami Herald)

Health officials warn of algae bloom in Clay County (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Record number of toxic bufo toads posing threat to Florida pets (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL)

Health department issues blue-green algae bloom health alert for Doctors Lake at Camp Echockotee (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Experts warn dog owners of increase in poisonous toads across South Florida (WPLG - TV - Miami, FL)

Keep your family safe from poisons this summer (Ponte Vedra Recorder)

A&M Farms Initiates a Recall Of Specific Little Bear Brand Whole Vidalia Onions Sold By The Pound at Retail Because of Possible Health Risk (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Clay County Department of Health issues another algae bloom alert for Doctors Lake (


How can parents prevent children from ingesting edibles (Boston Herald)

Snake Season: Local vets seeing spike in pets being treated for venomous bites (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Psssst: Here’s what you need to know about Florida’s 6 venomous snake species (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL)

Crisis in the Classroom: Florida sees rise in calls related to teen suicide (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL)

The FDA is cracking down on delta-8 THC, the legal-ish weed that gets you high and is being sold openly all over the US (

How to keep a yard safe for your dog — and protect the yard, too (The Washington Post)

FDA Sends Warning Letters to CBD, Delta-8 THC Companies (Whole Foods Magazine)

Ohio State University warns of fake Adderall pills after two students died in one week (CBS News)

FDA and poison control are concerned about Delta-8 (WMBB - TV - Panama City, FL)

‘I sell a lot’: Delta-8 THC crackdown could effect Northwest Florida businesses (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL)

The Most Dangerous Plants to Keep in Your House (

Health alert reissued for presence of blue-green algae at Orange Lake (Ocala News - Ocala, FL)

Highly addictive fentanyl killing Americans at alarming rate, DEA says (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Identification of poison ivy key in preventing exposures (Duncan  Banner --  Duncan, OK)

On National Fentanyl Awareness Day, Orange Park mother shares how the drug impacted her family (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Overdose Deaths Continue Rising, With Fentanyl and Meth Key Culprits (New York Times)

What you need to know about fentanyl and why it’s dangerous (WKMG - TV - Orlando, FL)

WATCH: Button battery demonstration (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

If You See This Flower In Your Yard, Stay Away And Call Local Officials (WFLA- FM - Clearwater, FL)

The Hidden Dangers of Your Medicine Cabinet ( - Jacksonville, FL)

Child Unsafe: The danger of button batteries (WJXT - TV -  Jacksonville, FL)

Poison prevention in your home (

FDA sends out warning after over 100 adverse events connected to copy-cat foods containing THC (

FDA issues warning against children eating THC-infused candies, cereals ( - CNN)

Deadly drug on the rise in Marianna (WMBB - TV - Panama City, FL)

‘She was lucky’: Sago palm almost killed my dog. Here’s what you need to know. (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Popular peanut butter is recalled nationwide. It’s been linked to a salmonella outbreak (Miami Herald)

South Florida blue-green algae health alerts (WPBF - TV - West Palm Beach, FL)

Health officials issue algae bloom alert for Doctor’s Lake – Mill Cove (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Toxic Bufo toads are back in SWFL (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

Florida Health Department In Polk County Issues Algae Bloom Alert (

Leon County closes Lake Munson boat ramp as Health Department warns stay out of the water (Tallahassee Democrat)

State detects blue-green algae toxins on Lake Hamilton ahead of Memorial Day weekend (WFLA - TV - Tampa, FL)

Florida Department of Health Promotes Generator Safety Ahead of 2022 Disaster Preparedness Tax Holiday (

DOH issues water advisory for toxic algae in the Stick Marsh in Indian River County (

Orange County health officials issue blue-green algae warning for Lake Mann (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL)

Disaster prep tax ‘holiday’ runs through June 10: Here’s what you can save money on (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

She thought it was a ‘safe solution,’ but overuse of over-the-counter medication can be deadly (


The new street drug law enforcement says is more potent and deadly than fentanyl (WTSP-TV - Tampa, FL)

Your Healthy Family: More kids in ERs across the country after eating edibles (WFTX - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

FDA investigating oysters sold in Florida linked to Norovirus outbreak (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL)

DEA issues nationwide warning over fentanyl-related ‘mass-overdose events’ (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Health Alert Issued for Blue-Green Algae Bloom Along East Shore of Lake Okeechobee (WUSF - FM - Tampa, FL)

Florida groups canvass spring breakers to warn of fentanyl (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)  

How to Identify Poison Ivy and How to Get Rid of the Plant Permanently (Newsweek)

Florida DOH water advisory: Toxic algae detected at Port Mayaca in Martin County (

Easter Lilies: Beautiful plants, but a household toxin for our kitty friends (WTOP - FM - Washington, D.C.)

Teen drug overdose deaths rose sharply in 2020, driven by fentanyl-laced pills (NPR)

Driven by fentanyl, rates of fatal teen overdoses doubled in 2020 (

Edibles packaged like candy stirs controversy ( -- Tallahassee, FL)

Snake Season: Local vets seeing spike in pets being treated for venomous bites (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

More teens attempting suicide in Florida (Clay Today)

Don’t touch: This caterpillar may look friendly but leaves a nasty rash (WTSP - TV - Tampa, FL)

Chocolate isn’t the only danger to your pets this Easter. What else to stay away from. (Miami Herald)

‘I’ll buy anything TikTok tells me to’: A TikTok ‘nurse’ is pushing turpentine cures—don’t be fooled. (

FDA investigating Lucky Charms amid reports of illness (The Hill)

‘Copycat’ Cannabis Edibles Pose A Risk To Kids (

Candy Or Cannabis? New Study Warns Of Edibles In ‘Copycat Packaging’ (

The bags look like well-known chips or candies, but what’s inside could harm children (WSVN - TV - Miami, FL)

Pets Keep Getting High Off Of Their Humans’ Supply (

Marijuana edibles resembling popular snacks found during raid in Nassau County (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville)

Florida gardening: Gloriosa lilies are beautiful but toxic to pets and humans (TCPALM.COM - Stuart, FL)

Weed poisoning pets more frequently now, study finds. Here’s what to do if they eat it Read more at: (Miami Herald)

CRIME Warrant leads to seizure of enough fentanyl to kill 32,000 people, Flagler deputies say (WTLV - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day: Where you can dispose of medication in Jacksonville (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Jacksonville is taking part in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Jacksonville city leaders promote ‘spring-cleaning’ of medicine cabinets on Drug Take Back Day (WTLV -TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Clean out your medicine cabinets Saturday for Prescription Drug Take Back Day (WJCT - FM - Jacksonville, FL)

Disposal box locations in Escambia County for National Take Back Day (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL)

Locals take part in National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, experts educate public (WJAX - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Local drug enforcement agencies participate in ‘National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day’ (WEAR - TV - Pensacola, FL)


Florida Leads the Nation in Fentanyl Deaths (Florida Daily)

March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month. Is your pet safe in your home? (WPEC-TV - West Palm Beach, FL)

FDA warns against using another powdered baby formula after a 2nd death (NPR)

Conter gives tips on preventing poisoning (Cascade Pioneer)

Florida leads nation in highest number of fentanyl deaths (Palm Coast Observer)

Marion County health officials issue Blue-Green Algae Boom Alert for Orange Lake (Ocala News)

Your dog just ate chocolate: Here’s what to know and what you need to do first. (USA Today)

Plant a Pet-Safe Garden (

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reaches 4 million pet toxicity cases (

Toxic Trouble: Is There Poison In Your Home? (

ASK THE VET: Catnip, cat mint, cat thyme, cat grass top picks for cat-friendly garden (

As Gas Siphoning Crimes Surge, Poison Control Issues Warning to Thieves (Newsweek)

Overdose: ‘If my story could save one child, then he didn’t die in vain’ (WTLV/WJXX - TV -- Jacksonville, FL)

Pantry of Pet Poisons (

‘One Pill Can Kill’: Florida Officials Warning About ISO, New Synthetic Opioid More Powerful Than Fentanyl (WFOR - TV - Miami, FL)

Florida’s Attorney General warns people about a dangerous drug more powerful than fentanyl (WTSP-TV - Tampa, FL)

Help Support National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week & Learn about Inhalants Treatments (The Free Press -- Deerfield Beach, FL)

Preparing for animal poison prevention week (WJXT-TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Toxic trouble: Household items pose poison dangers for children (WDIV-TV, Detroit, MI)

Use Poison Prevention Week to educate yourself about the toxins around you (Ocala StarBanner/

Toxic Trouble: Is There Poison in Your Home? (WJXT-TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Top calls to poison control for kids under 12 were for supplement (WJXT-TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Blue-green algae detected in Orlando lake; what to do if you encounter it (WFTV - TV - Orlando, FL)

Did you know these plants and pantry items could be deadly for your pet? (WJXT-TV - Jacksonville, FL)  

Poison Prevention at Every Age (Sarasota Memorial Health Care System)

Keeping your pets safe during Poison Prevention Week (WJXT-TV - Jacksonville, FL)

Agencies offer Hope for drug addiction; CCSO drops Hammer on pair for drugs (Clay Today - Orange Park, FL)

Child poisoning deaths spiked in pandemic from narcotics, bleach and batteries (CBS News)

Florida Poison Control Center warns parents of Delta-8 gummies amid rise in marijuana calls (WJAX-TV - Jacksonville, FL)

These spring season plants are a threat to your pets. Here’s how to keep them safe. (Miami Herald)

Florida health officials issue toxic algae alert for Lake Washington (Florida Today)

Caution urged relying on melatonin gummies to get kids to sleep (

Florida warns of new drug much more powerful than fentanyl (New York Post)

Report: Poisoning deaths among kids under 5 spiked during pandemic (WPRI - TV - Providence, RI)

Potent drugs packaged like candy, legally sold in Florida sparks calls for stricter rules (WFTS - TV - Tampa, FL)


Opioid deaths skyrocket across US; Tampa Bay one of worst in nation for overdoses (WFTS - TV - Tampa)

Poison Control warns COVID-19 tests contain toxic chemical (WMBB-TV - Panama City, FL)

Florida Poison Control says to keep substance in at-home COVID tests away from children (WEAR-TV - Pensacola, FL)

Keep COVID-19 test kits out of reach of children, Poison Control warns (WFLA-TV - Tampa)

Poison Control warning about dangers of chemicals in at-home COVID-19 tests (WBBH-TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

Fentanyl poisoning deaths double in 30 states over 2 years: study (FOX News)

Wake-Up Call: Atlantic Beach mother reflects on the horror that this drug has had on her family, loss of her son (WTLV/WJXX -- Jacksonville, FL)

Concerns surrounding at-home COVID-19 tests (WCTV - Tallahassee, FL)

Hidden Home Dangers: Simple fixes that will keep you safe (WJXT - Jacksonville, FL)

20,000 packages of shrimp recalled because of Listeria contamination (

A Rising Death Toll (The New York Times)

Numbers of children under FIVE being poisoned by eating their parents’ pot brownies and gummies has soared by 320% over past three years as more states legalize the drug (Daily Mail)

‘Opioids appear to know no bounds’: Lakeview reports sharp increase in abuse, overdoses (Pensacola News Journal - Pensacola)

The opioid epidemic continues to plague north central Florida communities (WUFT-FM - Gainesville, FL)

ISO, a dangerous synthetic opioid stronger than fentanyl, showing up in Florida (WINK - TV - Fort Meyers, FL)

Poison Control officials warn about acetaminophen overdose (WMBB-TV - Panama City Beach, Florida)  

Middle-school children fall prey to fatal fentanyl overdoses (CNN)

Abbott recalls baby formula after report of illnesses, including one death (Food Safety Network)

Polk County health officials issue blue-green algae alert for Lake Crago (FOX13 WTVT - Tampa, FL.)

Health Officials Lift Blue-Green Algae Bloom Alert For Brevard County (Florida Department of Health in Brevard County)

Chemical in COVID test kits can cause sickness if ingested, experts say. What to know. (Miami Herald)

FDA Warns of Rising Dangers of Unapproved Drug Tianeptine (U.S. News and World Report)

News4JAX goes on the hunt, finds the most dangerous tree on the planet growing in Florida (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)

How to spot common poisonous plants (WJXT - TV - Jacksonville, FL)


Are poinsettias, mistletoe, or holly plants dangerous? (Harvard Health Publishing)

Planning a trip to Florida this winter? Be careful when you’re outside (Democrat and Chronicle)

Brevard health officials warn of toxic algae in Lake Washington, Stick Marsh (Florida Today)

Opioid Misuse Keeps Rising Among Older Americans (U.S. News and World Report)

Accidental exposure to COVID-19 at-home solution on the rise (WSMV - TV)

Project Opioid launches ‘The Everyone Campaign’ with billboards across Central Florida (WKMG-TV Orlando)

New campaign aimed at preventing overdose deaths in Florida (WESH-TV Orlando)

Project Opioid launches new Central Florida-wide campaign aimed at tackling overdose deaths (WMFE-FM Orlando)

I Swallowed Liquid from a COVID-19 Test Kit (National Poison Control Center)

Don’t drink urine to treat COVID. Doctors debunk newest ‘miracle cure’ (Miami Herald)

Marijuana edibles spurring rise in pot-related overdose calls to Illinois Poison Center (Herald & Review)

Upstate New York Poison Center sets reminder for at home COVID-19 test kits (WETM-TV)

At-home testing for coronavirus? Here’s why you should keep pets away (CTV - Toronto)

Calls to poison control increase with availability of COVID-19 test kits (KYW News Radio - Philadelphia) 

Celebration High School students taken to hospital after ingesting ‘edible gummies,’ district says (WKMG-TV)

Treating your pet for marijuana poisoning: Veterinarian (FOX News)

ISO: Opioid ’20 times’ stronger than fentanyl found in Pasco overdose cases, sheriff’s office says (WFTS - TV - Tampa)

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